The Adventures of Officer Will I. Ketchum-The Band Played On

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Will always enjoyed working the high school dances. One in particular was memorable.

The high school dance

One of the ways officer Ketchum made some extra money on the job was to work a detail. Some details were easy work while others were difficult. An easy detail that Will liked to work was the Saturday night high school dance. It was only four hours, 7-11 P. M. And was convenient for Will if he had to work a midnight shift afterwards.

Teachers dance too!

There were usually two other officers assigned to work the dance. One would be stationed inside the gym, one outside in the parking lot and one in the entrance lobby. There were also several adult chaperones consisting of teachers and parents. So, there was a lot of supervision for the kids attending the dance. Sometimes a chaperone or parent would join in the dancing. Will got a big kick out of seeing this as he knew some of the teachers having attended the high school himself. Although Will had never gone to a high school dance while he was a student there he went to a few after graduation. At the time he'd been dating a girl who was still a student at the high school.

Will's ballplayers

For Will working these high school dances was usually uneventful. On rare occasions a student would show up who'd had too much to drink. They were usually put in protective custody and bundled off to the police station. They weren't under arrest but, their parents were usually called to come and pick them up. Will had a good relationship with most of the kids in town. In his off time he was the pitching coach for the American Legion baseball team. Quite often some of his players would show up at the high school dances. Every once in a while one or two of them would show up having had a few beers. As long as they weren't obnoxious or falling down drunk Will didn't give it a second thought. Kids will be kids he thought. They're going to do such things. Will was once a kid. The kid's knew that if they showed up at the dance reeking of alcohol they'd have a tough time getting inside past the chaperones. So, Will would sneak his ballplayers into the dance through a back door. His ballplayers got a real kick out of this.

The band is busted!

One of the duties of the officer stationed inside the gym was to check two adjacent hallways that led to the boys locker room. At the end of one of the hallways was a small locker room that the band would retire to on their breaks. This particular evening Will was checking the hallway while the band was on break. Approaching their locker room he smelled what he knew to be marijuana smoke. When he entered the locker room he found the lead guitarist/singer sitting there smoking a joint. You should've seen the look on his face when he saw Will! This was not something Will wanted to see. Now, he had to make a decision. He could ignore it but, this was a little more serious than some student just having a couple of beers. He could've made an arrest but, that would've ended the dance and disappointed about 150 students. Will decided to admonished the musician and confiscate his marijuana. Will thought that was getting off just a little too lightly so he took the guitarist's information down and told him he was going to seek complaints against him in court for possession of marijuana. And that's what he did.
So, the band played on, everyone had a good time and no one was the wiser. The musician was convicted in court having admitted to sufficient facts and put on probation. He had to pay a nominal fine. Rock 'n roll will never die!

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Very good story, I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

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wow, so nice story

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