The Adventures of Officer Will I.Ketchum - The Biter

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This is the story of one female teenager and her boyfriend whom officer Ketchum seemed to run into a lot.


Working in a small town of 30,000 people it wasn't unusual for officer Ketchum to keep running into the same people often. Such was the case with a little blonde 17-year-old female named Kim and her boyfriend. The first time Will met her was on a Christmas morning. That story is titled, "Merry Christmas Will," in the chronicles of his adventures. The second time he ran across her was when her mother called the station to summon some officers to come to their house to remove her. She'd been drinking and was raising holy hell inside the home. Her mother just couldn't handle her. Will was sent there as backup for the rookie officer assigned the call.

"Told ya!"

When they got there Will gave the rookie some advice. He warned, "Watch out for this one, she's a biter." They entered the house and found Kim had indeed been raising hell. The living room was trashed. She was still there and was none too pleased to see Will and the other officer. She let the rookie and Will know this in no uncertain terms. She could swear like longshoremen. She was drunk as a skunk too. Will let the rookie handle the situation.
He took her by the arm and told her that he was taking her into protective custody. She immediately began to struggle with him and chomped down on his wrist. The rookie howled with pain and let out a few expletives. Will moved in and they were able to cuff her and drag her out to the cruiser. Once she was secured Will looked at the rookie and said, "Told ya!"

The assault

It is said that three times is a charm but, Wills third encounter with this girl was anything but charming. One night after 2:00 A.M. Will was dispatched to the heights business section of town on a report of a woman screaming in the vicinity of the convenience store there. The heights was deserted and all the stores were closed. Will parked in the convenience store parking lot, got out and shut off the cruiser's engine. He stood there and just listened. After about 10 minutes, hearing nothing, Will was about to leave when he heard the screams. It was definitely a female's scream and seemed to be coming from the area of the railroad tracks that ran behind the convenience store. So, Will went onto the tracks behind it. Is was pitch black back there. He looked up the tracks towards the North into the dark where the tracks ran through a wooded area. Nothing there. Then he turned around and looked South. The tracks in that direction were lit as they crossed a street about 75 yards away. That's where Will heard more screams coming from. He spotted two figures struggling under a streetlight. Will could clearly see that it was a young man and woman. She was screaming and struggling with the man. As Will watched he saw the man coldcock her, knocking her to the ground. She got up and took off down the tracks headed South. The man did not give chase. He just stood there pleading with her to come back.
Will radioed headquarters on his portable radio and told the dispatcher that he'd be coming in with an arrest and to send backup. Then he began to walk down the tracks towards the man. As he got closer Will realized who the man was and who this woman must be. They'd met before on Christmas morning. Will walked right up to him and he didn't even know that Will was there because he was focused on the woman who was now about 25 yards further down the tracks. She was still screaming at him, jumping up and down and stomping her feet. Will just said, "How's it going Dougie?" Dougie turned around with that, "Oh no, not you, look on his face." Will then said, "You're under arrest for assault and battery." Dougie didn't protest as Will slapped the cuffs on him. Dougie knew better!

A mouthful of leather

When the woman saw Will with her boyfriend she started back down the tracks. Will knew this meant trouble. He was still alone and about 75 yards from his cruiser. Then Will's backup arrived. The woman whom Will recognized as Kim reached them at about same time. She clutched at her boyfriends arm and wanted to know why Will was arresting her boyfriend. Will just removed her hand from his arm and handed his prisoner off to his backup. Kim of course, being drunk began to lose it. Will grabbed her and put her on the ground to cuff her and affect a protective custody. He wasn't going to bother being nice this time. As he knelt down to cuff her she latched onto his ankle and applied her bite. Lucky for Will he was wearing combat boots. All she got was a mouthful of leather. Then it was off to the station for booking.

"They're raping me!"

At the station Dougie went to the men's cellblock and Kim to the women's cellblock. The cellblocks ran parallel to each other separated by a thick wall. Kim wasn't done yet however. She proceeded to go into a rage in her cell. She screamed and banged on the walls of the cell for over half an hour. Then she got cute and started screaming that the police were raping her. She had a good set of lungs and Dougie could hear all of this and also started to go crazy.
At one point it got so bad that dispatch got a call from the fire department. They were housed in the same building as the police department. Kim's screams had woken up the firefighters who were on duty and just trying to catch some shut eye. They wanted the boys in blue to shut her up and stop raping her. This was all in jest as they'd heard all of this before.
Eventually both prisoners fell asleep. Kim and Doug eventually had to appear in court. Doug had been charged with assault and battery on Kim and Kim had been charged with assault and battery on a police officer. Both were convicted. Will had a nice set of teeth marks on the side of his boot to remember them by.

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