The Affair

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Affairs is not something that we want to face. Sometimes we just want to sweep the affair under the rug and pretend that it is not happening, but that is not what Cindy did to save her marriage.

The Affair

Cindy sat in the bedroom listening as her husband prepared himself to go out again. He told her that he had a business meeting, but for years he had worked at the same company and all of the business meetings had been done while he was at work. She did not believe that the company had changed their policy so quickly. She had also noticed that their neighbors who also worked at the same company were not leaving to go to any business meeting. Turning around in her chair she watched as he finished getting ready. He looked in the mirror to make sure that he looked all right and then turned to Cindy.
“I should not be too long,” said Carl, as he leaned over and kissed Cindy on the cheek. It had been a long time since they had kissed on the mouth and she watched as he danced out of the room, appearing happy to get away from her, the children, the house and all of the responsibilities that he was forced to meet every day. Cindy did not say anything and turned the chair around and picked up her book. Carl noticed that she did not appear to be upset about his leaving. He wondered if she knew what was really going on, so he came back and turned the chair around and asked,
“Are you all right? Is there anything bothering you? Do you believe that I have a meeting?” asked Carl.
“Yes, I believe you,” Cindy lied, as she looked at the man she had married a few years ago and was wondering why he felt the need to go out with another woman. Carl did not say anything more and left the bedroom. She heard the garage door open up and stood up to look out the window to see which direction he was going to drive.
Rushing to take her bathrobe off she slipped her shoes on and asked her oldest son to watch the younger children. If she was going to lose her husband to another woman she at least wanted to know what she looked like and why her husband was doing this. Jumping into the car she sped down the street and spotted her husband’s car in front of her best friend’s home. She watched as her husband went to the door and was greeted by the most passionate kiss she had ever seen her husband do. Even during their courting time they had never kissed like that. They went inside and sat down on the couch and had just settled there when Cindy rang the doorbell. Sally stood up and went to answer the door,
“Cindy! I….. I…..
“I know the feeling. I believe my husband is here and I want to talk with you both,” said Cindy inviting herself inside. Carl was absolutely livid when he saw his wife Cindy,
“What is the meaning of this? I told you that I had a business meeting,” yelled Carl.
“This is an unusual place to have a business meeting. You and Sally also have an unusual way of starting the business meeting. Now I have something to say and you are both going to sit down and listen,” said Cindy as she pushed them both back onto the couch.
“I do not have to take this,” said Carl.
“Yes you do, now be quiet and listen. Sally since you seem to want my husband so bad, you can have him. Carl since you do not want me as your wife anymore I will serve the divorce papers this week and you both will be free to pursue each other. I am not bringing up our children knowing that their father has no respect for me. I took my marriage vows seriously and I believed it when I said the words, I do on our marriage day. I cannot continue to live with somebody who does take those marriage vows seriously. You will explain to the children why we are divorcing and make sure they know that it is not their fault, or my fault. If you do not agree to the divorce I will make your lives miserable. Now you both have some choices to make, you can either go back to your own spouses, or go through a messy divorce and hurt the children and the spouses who are not involved in an affair. Staying together may look great now, but in the long run many people are going to be hurt, your employment will suffer, you both will lose friends and family support, and your finances will be drained. Is it worth a few moments of pleasure to lose everything and everyone that you both have worked so hard for? I am waiting for your answers,” said Cindy as she stood over them.
“I love him,” said Sally.
“You love him. What is your answer?” asked Cindy.
“I love her too,” said Carl.
“Do not come back home tonight. Your belongings will be out on the street. You can pick them up there,” said Cindy as she walked out of the door.
“Where will I go? I cannot stay here her husband will be coming home soon,” whined Carl.
“That is your problem,“ said Cindy as she climbed into her car and drove away.
Pulling into the driveway she parked the car and went inside and up to bed. She was lying there reading her book when she heard Carl drive in and put the garage door down. She watched as he entered into their bedroom and put her book down.
“You win, I will not see Sally anymore,” said Carl.
“What made you change your mind?” asked Cindy.
“What you said about the marriage vows. When I said those vows I meant what I said. The first time that I saw Sally, something came over me and I felt I needed a new start, but I did not consider how we would hurt other people in our lives, we were only thinking of ourselves and what we wanted,” said Carl.
“If we both spent the same amount of time working at keeping our marriage together and starting each day new, neither one of us would have the need to look at anybody else,” said Cindy.
“I promise I will never stray again,” said Carl, as he climbed into bed.
“I know,” said Cindy picking up the shears lying next to the bed.


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