The Afterlife - Now and hereafter

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My thoughts on the afterlife and how different religions look at it.

The Afterlife

Is there life after death? I’m not asking this merely from a religious standpoint but from a general one as well. It is said that the soul is infinite, only the body dies. So the soul may have lived in various bodies, but does it have memory of the lives it has lived through or does it have a ‘factory reset’ button which erases all previous existences? I believe that there are certain memory capsules which remain. It is just that our conscious mind in the present life does not concentrate on those and has other more immediate things to focus on. Slowly, those earlier memories get buried so deep that we ourselves lose awareness of its sheer existence.
Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism and some others have been known to propagate the theory of reincarnation as a form of the Afterlife. In this, the souls are re-born into some form or the other, and in this World only. Where the memories linger and mostly get overwhelmingly subdued. On the other hand Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Christians and in Islam, the afterlife is spent in another dimension only. Be it Heaven, Hell, Jannat, Dojakh or the Roman Underworld where the dead go according to their deeds in life. As in the virtuous go to heaven, and the others, you know where! While the reincarnated are born as their deeds merit, the afterlife takes those to the plane their actions deserve. Kind of confusing if you read it all together, but the concept of religion in its entirety, has always been pretty complex, especially for my average intelligence.
Many times it has so happened that I have been to a place for the first time, and felt that I’ve been here before. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence or a figment of my imagination. It has not happened at any tourist place or any place with significant beauty, but normal everyday places like roads, lanes and bylanes. I have been having a recurring dream, where I see a market entirely white, where shops are laid in strips with covered corridors fronting them and all the shops sell glass items. Be it plain drinking glasses or of the decorative variety, this place has it all, I do not notice any faces, how anybody is dressed or any other aspect of the place. Just that it is daytime, bright sunshine, glass, white walls and I. I have not attempted any Freudian analysis of this dream but I don’t think there’s any significance of this, neither malevolent nor benevolent. Though I like to believe that this is a sliver of memory from my past life, I also realize that I have no substantiation of this belief.
So is this true? Do other people also have similar experiences? I have read so and thus believe that it is a far more believable spiritual theory than the overly melodramatic heaven and hell concept. Even though in Hinduism too, there is a similar concept, it does not encourage mere mortals (dead ones) to stay in heaven with its multitudinous Gods! It also sounds more practical that you would pay for your sins of one life in the next than going to a theoretical ‘Hell’, when in your next life you could be living it!! I would be keen to hear from anybody reading this, whether they agree or disagree. If they have had similar experiences, I would love to hear them too. Not for the sake of plain curiosity, but also as confirmation of one thing or the other. I find it an exciting thought if I could go into the next life and carry memories of this one, good, bad and ugly and compare it with the present one….


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