The Apocalypse inside her womb

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Here's a tribute to what every mother endures during childbirth.

The Meteorite and The Mother

The scientists had set the ultimatum. The 21st would be the expiry date of the Earth; the day I would finally become a father. It was 11:30 pm on the 20th, and Cho had begun to experience contractions. She started to shift uneasily on the bed. As the pain started to intensify, she started to groan. It was a stormy night. The rain lashed out mercilessly on the whole city, cutting off mobility, communication and electricity. Totally isolated from the outside world, I had to think of a way to gather assistance for the delivery.

It was the month of June in the year 2021, ten years since the infamous prediction of the world’s end went wrong. “Who were the Mayans kidding anyway?” was what everyone would’ve asked then. But now, the people of Tokyo realized that the Mayans might have got only the timing wrong. The end was here. It was just a matter of when the humans gave in to the inevitable.

R385M – Rogue Meteorite no. 385 was what they named the chunk of burning rock hurtling towards the Earth. Its speed and suddenness had taken everyone by surprise. With just a day to avert its collision, we needed almost all the energy available on Earth to even try to divert it. Not much was known about the meteorite’s nature, but astrophysicists had predicted that Japan would be the epicenter of the collision; a country that had always been disaster’s favourite child. Realizing that it would be next to impossible to counter the disaster, the whole planet was bracing itself to expect the worst.

The clock’s ticking was synchronous with my heartbeat, as I watched her helplessly. Cho’s screams had become louder and even more agonizing to hear. Motherhood had given Cho a divine beauty. But her usually serene face was now burdened with panic and anxiety. Beads of sweat adorned her creased forehead. I held her hand softly but firmly, chirping empty words of assurance. Her temple vein stood out distinctly, throbbing rhythmically.

But deep down, I was the one who needed strength.

With time running out, I broke my train of thoughts and forced myself into action. Whilst tying her hand to the bed pole, broken images from our nine years of childless marital life ran through my mind. The last nine months were the most cherished months of our lives yet. While I pictured myself with the baby and Cho, the mere thought of a giant, glowing rock throwing itself upon us, sent shivers down my spine.

She started hoisting herself up and down from the bed, letting out shrieks of pain all the while. I pinned her down to the bed. After what was the ten most agonizing and anxious minutes of my life, I finally had my daughter in my arms. I turned my gaze to Cho. Her face was abnormally bright, reflecting light off something. As I turned, I witnessed a blinding ball of light speeding towards our window.

The last few seconds of my life were ironically the happiest of my life. R385M had already started wreaking havoc in Tokyo, as it toppled the tallest of skyscrapers like dominos, with amazing ease. While it took a while for reality to sink in, Cho, on the other hand was surprisingly back to her own serene self. Her face was glowing with happiness, contentment, realization and calmness. Our end was near. More than realizing it, we greeted it with open arms.

“Are you scared?” I asked.

“Not a bit. I am more than grateful to God for making my child meet the world, albeit for just a few minutes. I love you both.” said she.

The apocalypse in front of me was nothing compared to the one inside Cho’s womb. The woman had fought it off so casually that I felt ashamed of my fear. Her words calmed the apocalypse in my mind, as I prepared to meet the apocalypse outside.

I kissed Cho and looked at the baby’s eyes for one last time. Her cry was the last sound I heard.

There was a flash of blinding white, and then all was dark.


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