The Apostle Paul

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The Apostle Paul was a fascinating character in Christian history. He wrote a large portion of the New Testament. He preached in many cities throughout the New Testament world. This article summarizes his life.

The Apostle Paul

He killed many Christians in his time. He did it in ignorance. He thought he was doing the will of God. He was a devout Jew. He went about trying to stop what he thought was wrong. Instead he only helped it spread. Later he would regret his actions. He walked the Damascus Road where he saw the Light that changed his life forever. It was brighter than the sun A voice spoke to him from heaven. “Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?”

“Who are you Lord?” Saul asked”

“I am Jesus whom you are persecuting” He replied.

Acts 9: 4-6 New International Version Holy Bible.

Saul’s name was changed to Paul after this incident he went on to become the greatest missionary of all time. He wrote 14 of the 27 chapters of the New Testament. He was a great leader of the Christian faith. He proclaimed Christ in all parts of the known world at that time from Jerusalem to Macedonia. He delivered people from all sorts of bondage by the power of the Holy Spirit and never once did he claim personal credit for the works he performed. In Acts 14: 8-18 the Apostle Paul begged the people of Lystra not to make sacrifices to him.

He continued to preach as he made his way to Rome. In one city he was warned that if he went to Jerusalem he would be arrested and spend the rest of his life in chains. He said he would go anyway. He had to preach the gospel top his brothers the Jews. He went to Jerusalem and was arrested. He appealed to Caesar and was then transferred to Rome. He preached the gospel to kings, queens, and peasants along the way. Finally in Rome he was beheaded after two years of freedom.

The apostle Paul gave his life and his all for the Lord Jesus Christ. May we follow his example and give our all in dedicating our lives to Christ and Christian service.


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I ha D4d opportunity to be as God wanted me.. like Paul the apostle even with all but His visible appear to you I decided against it. The same is true of a hunt for a wife. L last minutes or at end of life to ten years forty to thirty if lucky to live it. What can you do poor and dam takes all that ten yeR deal in bed notme

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30th May 2013 (#)

Interesting article. Many Biblical scholars feel that the letters attributed to Paul were written by three different people. Thanks for sharing.

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interesting for sure...

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Thank you all for commenting and sharing.

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