The Argument....

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To live together without a cross word, is a rarity indeed, and when words clash, and tempers flare, it can be storm-like in its intensity....But like all storms, this too will pass....

The Argument.....

You raise your voice, and I raise mine...
You won't back down, and nor will I.
The pain that's caused through heated words...
Old arguments begin to fly....

We hurt the very one's we love,
when we can't see a point of view..
And neither of us want to give...
Strong words fly 'twixt me and you.

Feelings torn, pride dented so,
ego's bruised, cause such heartache..
Hurtful words that cut and strike...
Flashes of rage, as anger breaks....

Then like a storm at sea, it eases...
Calm returns, and rage subsides...
This harsher part of human nature...
Life's up and downs, of you and I.

It isn't easy, days like this...
These moments between us, are rare...
We hug, forgive angry exchanges,
and bring an end to this warfare..

So should you find your voices raised,
when tempers flare, and the air is rent...
Try to find some peaceful ground...
Don't let the sun go down, on an argument...

Photo Credit; Suvro Datta


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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd May 2011 (#)

Well said, wonderful wisdom in your poem Songbird...

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author avatar PHYLLIS LOGIE
3rd May 2011 (#)

It's impossible to live with someone and not ever have a cross word, but at the end of the day it's how well the
situatiuon is handled that counts and if you love the oother person, saying sorry shouldn' t be too difficult. Nice share, I enjoyed it

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
3rd May 2011 (#)

beautiful and poignant as always.

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author avatar richardpeeej
4th May 2011 (#)

SUch true words spoken here Songbird my friend. These can be difficult times but most of the time your arguments are quickly forgotten and things get back to how they were. Great share

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author avatar jocelyn
4th May 2011 (#)

Yes well said and good advice to take to heart for all of us.

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author avatar Carol
4th May 2011 (#)

Very true, don't let the sun go down, and don't go off to work leaving tensions in the air either.

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author avatar Maria Malone
4th May 2011 (#)

This is so true, well done!!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
4th May 2011 (#)

Wonderful! As always, of course. You are amazing!

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author avatar vpaulose
5th May 2011 (#)

Enjoyable. thank you songbird.

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author avatar J Meckes
5th May 2011 (#)

Very nice. Grace and I try to live by three rules;
* Don't both be angry at the same time.
* Don't raise you voice unless there is a fire in the house.
* Never go to bed angry.

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author avatar Andrew Morgan
5th May 2011 (#)

Very cool rise and fall in tone all throughout. Just like a real fight ;)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
24th May 2011 (#)

A very thought provoking argument you've presented. Well done, my friend.

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