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How to Blog safely and satisfactorily without exposing yourself to law suits or punches in your mouth

Saying it as it is

There's no sense in Blogging if you can't vent your spleen.
But then you don't want a punch in the mouth.

You see the dilemma?

I mean, you've gone through one of those experiences and either you get a gun or you write it out of your system. Writing it out of your system is a better choice.

However, if you write it, you may get that punch in the mouth.

What do you do?

The Value of the Nick

Years ago, when the Internet had NOT yet reached Jamaica, but we had BBS, there was a small community of geeks/hackers/crackers and round about nerds.
We had a club. Due to lack of imagination I'll call it Club.

I was the Secretary, I was supposed to take minutes. At most meetings I would say; "No minutes were read, for none were taken."

I referred to everyone by their Nick. We never used our real names. Ever.

So it was E.T., Bladerunner, Forge, me, Airdog, Sadam Sysop (who wanted to be called Cowboy, but no one ever did) Cereal Killer, (you get the idea).

In life, I find myself doing the same thing.

If you are my friend, you will know who Pharaoh, C.G., Handpuppet, Shorty, Old Dawg, and Buddah are. If you're not, you have no idea what I'm talking about or who I'm talking about.

In Practice

When I write a Blog, I don't use real names. I give the characters a Nick and refer to them by their Nick. I change the place, so if something happened at a particular restaurant, I'll write;

"I was passing Poison Parlour when I saw Ratty with Not his wife."

I know who Ratty is, where Poison Parlour is, and can identify nhw on an I.D. parade.

If Ratty reads this he won't know I'm writing about him. In fact he won't even know that I wrote that.

This is how you write your Blog.


Go to any of a number of free Blog sites and make your choice.
Now create a nick and get a new email account in the name of that Nick.
You want to lie.
Lie about everything.
Use that email account for your Blog and your Blog alone.

When you write it's a good idea to do it first as some kind of word document. Reread it. Make sure if you're calling George, 'Giggles', that is the name from start to finish. Check location. You might want to change the name of your city to some thing else.

So instead of saying; "I walked into the office and that Stinking Sammy came up to me to complain that I left the fan on," you could say something like, "I logged aboard the Titanic and Slime Cracker was running his mouth that I didn't shut the lights."

Now you know the office is the Titanic, and Slime Cracker is Sam, and even if Stinking Sammy does read your Blog he never complained that you left the lights on and won't catch that you actually refer to the fan.

In this way you can fully vent your spleen and keep your teeth safe in your mouth.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

If we are writing about personal things you are right, it is best to be discrete about who and what, while still venting our issues to get them out of our system without killing anyone.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

Well said!

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author avatar kaylar
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

One thing you learn, the 'Net is open, blog sites are open, and best not to risk your teeth.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

well written, indeed blogging is an art!

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author avatar kaylar
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

thank you

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author avatar Joyce Singha
6th Nov 2014 (#)

Nice post. Enjoyed it.
I wish you had written it or I had read it a few years ago when I started my Blog. I've done everything in it that you suggested not to do. Had some nasty Trolls as well. Ah well, we learn as we go.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Nov 2014 (#)

When you blog you don't want to be defending yourself to Ratty or C.G. You want to bring out the it really doesn't matter if it is 'Rochelle' or 'Slutina' who walked around the drom bathroom inspecting the toilets and sinks; what you're saying is that you have one whack job in your dorm.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

I really should take up blogging more actively than I do.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Coffee, it's really good to get it down, because when you go back and read what you wrote last year you know you're a genius or psychic or both.
The fact most of us have the spot on first impression, which we 'politically correctly' bury, needs to be preserved in blog,

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author avatar Ptrikha
27th Mar 2015 (#)

Some very good tips.

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author avatar kaylar
27th Mar 2015 (#)

thanks ptrikha

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