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Imagine a Donkey and a Lamb that can speak ! and then add an Angel ! And that's what you have here.....It may be long - but - keep reading ! and a Happy Christmas one and all.

The Donkey - The Lamb - And The Angel.

The little lamb drew nearer the old grey donkey's side
As he snuggled closely - to the strong and hairy hide .
He'd felt so small and frightened - when he first lay on the hay
But now he felt secure and safe - at the closing of the day .
His mother had rejected him - on the cold and barren hills
But the shepherd found this refuge - where he'd be safe and still.
And so it was these animals - came together - one cold night .
One - resting from its labour - the other from its fright .
But whether providence or circumstance - had brought them at this time .
From that moment onward - they would never be the same .

Suddenly ! An Angel ....

As - suddenly ! - in the shadows of the stall
An Angel stood before them - magnificent and tall .
And - before the two could - run and hide from there
The Angel spoke and bade them - ' Peace ' and ' Do not fear '
He told them of a miracle - that they would witness very soon .
Of the birth of God Incarnate - in the confines of their room.
With big eyes full of wonder - they thought - how could this be so ?
Why should God choose such a place ? - for surely He must know
That donkeys can be smelly - and the ground was hard and bare .
And there was nothing for a mother - or her baby - there.
But the angel reassured them - it would be just as he had said
And the manger would be - a cradle - for the baby's head .

The Donkey Has His say.

The donkey looked and marveled - at how this was to be
But then he asked the angel - ' Why should God so honour me ?'
I'm only a beast of burden - I'm not handsome - as you know
I take my time - and my master often tells me - I'm useless - weak - and slow
Every day - I carry heavy loads - and very seldom rest .
I'm often beaten - bruised and hungry - but I try to do my best
And now you say this God Child - will be born here - this very night .
But I worry lest my rough old face - would cause the baby fright .
Perhaps it would be better - if I stayed outside the door
That way - there'd be more room for them - on the stable floor.

The Angel's Reply

The angel held his hand up - and then he said these words .
' Dear donkey - you must stay - for you are precious to our God '
In fact - He's very glad that you're dependable and slow .
And you carry heavy burdens - without fanfare - pride - or show .
You are just what He is looking for - and one day very soon
You will bear His Son to safety - at the rising of the moon .
For there will come a night - when He must be taken - far from here
And be carried down to Egypt - away from harm and fear .
And - later in the future - another of your kind
One young - and yet unridden - certain men will find
And - as the Lord commanded - the colt - to Him will bring
And then - with quiet obedience - she'll carry the great King
In through the City gates - the glorious King will ride
Amid the shouts of jubilation - from the throngs - on every side .
And faithfully - the steady beast - will carry Him that day .
But He will not seem heavy - as she bears Him on His way .
And so my friend - from this day on - when you see the Holy Child
Remember how He values you - gentle - meek and mild .
Faithful - strong - reliable - all that is good and true
Dependable and loyal - that's just how - God - sees you .

The Little Lamb Speaks Up

Now all this time - as if struck dumb - with big eyes open wide
The little lamb was crouched in awe - by the donkey's side .
But - now he felt he had to ask - with all the courage he could find
Something of the angel - that was pressing on his mind
He'd listened very carefully - while the donkey had his say
But - he wondered why it was - that he was here - on this special day .?
He was such a very little lamb - not big or strong or wide .
And he couldn't carry heavy loads - or give a mighty King a ride .
In fact - he even questioned - what use was he at all ?
And - how could God have a special place - for one so weak and small ?

The Angel's Reply To The Lamb.

The angel bent down slowly - and took the lamb into his arms .
Speaking very softly - so as not to cause alarm.
Quietly - and with a smile - he spoke - into the trembling creature's ear
Little lamb - so precious - God holds you very dear .
One day - the baby - to be born - in this very stall
Will give His life - on a wooden cross - a sacrifice for all
But - God Himself will raise Him up - from that rugged tree
And seat Him on a Kingly throne - for all eternity .
Yet - first He has to come to earth - disguised in a baby's skin
Dependent on a mother - to feed and nurture Him .
And - as He grows up strong and kind - obedient and good
He'll listen to these earthly ones - as any child should .
But - all the time - He'll hear - a higher call - that's calm and still
And with delight - He will obey that voice - and do
His Heavenly Father's will.

The Angel Is Speaking To Us All

Knowing there will come a day - that will lead Him to the place
Where Heaven and Hell will fight 'til death - for the Human race .
And - even when the sky is dark - and the Righteous One -
Is thrown down - to the ground .
God will wait His moment - When He hears - that final victory sound .
' It is finished - Father - I give all I am to You '
Then God will shake the earth - and rend the Temple curtain - into two .
Death will be defeated - the Grave will lose its sting
And Heaven's Gates will be - thrown open wide - to receive its Glorious King .
But - when you see Him seated on His Majestic Throne .
He tells us - we will see Him - as a wounded - stricken Lamb.
Yes - a Lamb as if it had been slain - for all who would believe
Sacrificed for humankind - for all men to receive .

So - little ones - who seem so helpless - remember this today
God chose a Lamb as a sacrifice - as the price He had to pay .
Not gold or costly jewels - nor the mightiest of men
But as a lamb - and as a little child - He bids us now to come .
And as the animals - within that stall - make room for Him within .
Come share your heart with the God of love - who'll take away your sin .
He came to be our sacrifice - and lift all that weighs us down .

So - trust Him now - with All your life
Like the - Donkey - and the - Lamb.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
When you read my poems - you will read my heart - which will always point you to Him.

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author avatar Mandy Buffington
8th Dec 2012 (#)

Beautifully done Stella :) Loved this :)

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you Mandy. I was beginning to wonder if anyone read it .God bless you .xx

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author avatar Zeldash
8th Dec 2012 (#)

Its really a good poem. Rhyming was perfect and really enjoyed it.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you Zeldash . I am very glad you enjoyed it .

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author avatar Terry Trainor
8th Dec 2012 (#)

A beautiful poem Stella you have a gift, and you are so kind.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Dec 2012 (#)

Thank you Terry , and you are very welcome . I love the atmosphere you create with your poems .

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author avatar KRoss
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

Beautiful poem Stella. I am so glad I have found your inspiring work. God Bless you. Kristi

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

I am glad it inspires you .
God bless you

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