The Back-footed Vampire

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The Concept of a back-footed lady is very common in Indo-Pak. It is believed that there exist some supernatural entities who disguise themselves as women but they have their feet turned backwards

The Demonic Lady or Pichal Peri

​Little to understood or well established education is given about Pichal Peri "the bare feet and backfooted". This is often most likely why it makes such a lovable ghost story.It is fact that the listeners become very terrified when they hear these sort of stories which they have never heard before. It additionally encourages curiosity and a need to explore or study the unknown. Sightings places have reported within the Northern Mountain ranges of Pakistan and the Himalayan foothills of Bharat. In Pakistan, such sightings in haunted areas reported within the rural mountainous regions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
In general, she appears to be a very beautiful lady, but if you look at her feet, nobody can stop you from running away. It has been observed extensively that the lady enters the graveyard at the midnight and come outside in the early morning. There is a solid evidence that she appears as a very beauty but when it comes nearer, it becomes horrifying creature. This sort of creature is very famous among the masses as Pichal Peri, "a lady with the feet in opposite direction"

Is Pichal Peri a New Concept or Ancient one?

​Pichal Peri is quite ancient concept. It was believed that the one who is an illegit child and whose parents were also illegit . He grows up and gets ​lots of negative powers and becomes a back footed or bare footed vampire after his/her death. This entity roams in very deserted places such as graveyards, crematories or ruined buildings.
In order to become more powerful evil entity​ , these creatures eat lots of bad things such as stool, urine, animals blood etc.


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