The Basement

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I know that this content isn't what my audience wants nowadays. Although I did say that I would switch from style to style. I wrote a few love poems as my more recent poems and that have been quite successful. But that doesn't mean I won't always go back to the style that brought me into poetry in the first place. This poem has massive amounts of symbolism in it. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out. Comments are open.

The Basement

The Basement

The chains
From the ceiling.

The faded
Blood stains
Are along
The stone walls
And along
The stone cold
As well.

To know
That many things
Were slaughtered

In this cold
Pitch black
Place of horror.

The Shadows
Can still be seen.

For is that
The dead
Or the lurking
To avenge itself?

Is this
The End
Or just
The Eye
Of the Storm?

Even though
That mostly
Is silent
The echoes
Of the wrongfully damned
Can still
Be heard.

To know
That the mechanisms
Caused considerable agony.

And a slow
Painful death
Is all that it was.

The cold draft
Seeps through
The filthy windows
The Slowing Blizzard.

The chains
Slowly rattle.

This is all
Part of a nightmare
That no one
Wants to remember.

The survivors
Are scared for life.

As to whomever
To this cursed place
Is perhaps
Dead by now.

This is
All Dead.

But the shadows
Still wander.

To come
Once more.


Basement, Dark Poetry, Depression, Hate, Poetry, Regret, Sorrow, Symbolism

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author avatar Denise O
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Rob, I wont critique poetry.
I know very little about it.
I'm a newbie to the art form.
I will say I do get my own versions of what people write.
Like a painting, we can both look at it and see different things.
I have always liked your work.
Rob, Was it you that added a painting that you did, toone of your poems on rape?
It was a black, white and shades of grey painting.
If so, I have a article and I would love to use it.
I have searched on here for the page it is on, to no avail.
When I saw the picture, it pegged exactly how I felt inside and outside of me, after I was raped.
Thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing from you.:)

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author avatar stevietrix
6th Dec 2010 (#)

Sorry, I don't do paintings. I do drawings but not paintings. Wasn't done by me, I remember mostly everything I've ever done.

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author avatar stevietrix
6th Dec 2010 (#)

I'll tell you what, if you want to see ALL of my works, (and if you have facebook) look me up. Rob Tester III

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author avatar Denise O
6th Dec 2010 (#)

I will thank you Rob.
I can not remember where I saw this painting.
I would love to see your work.
Thank you.

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