The Basics of a Well-Written Article

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Simple steps to follow to produce a well-written article.

It Makes a Difference

Writing a good article can mean the difference between one hundred people viewing it and one thousand people reading it. A well-written, informative article can earn you ten dollars instead of just one dollar. Writing a good article is very simple once you have learned some helpful hints on how to write well.

Pick Your Topic

One of the most important things to remember when choosing what you will write about is: Write about something you WANT to write about. If you choose a subject that you personally find boring, odds are your lack of enthusiasm will show in your writing. Picking a subject that interests you will help your writing naturally read better.

Research Your Topic

If you have chosen a subject that you already have knowledge of, don't be fooled into thinking you know enough. Even if you can make that 500 word minimum, you want your article to be as informative as possible. Go online, or to a local library, and learnas much as possible about your subject. Gather supporting data, fun facts, clinical studies, famous quotes, etc on your subject. Be sure to note where your information came from.

Stay on Topic

To often authors feel like they need to include their personal experiences in their articles. Readers will find it very confusing when they find themselves reading about your trip to Grandma's instead of how to plan a Christmas party. Be sure to stick to your subject, and keep the focus solely on the topic at hand.

Stop Including "I"

Unless you are writing an article on your personal experiences, avoid putting I's in your article. You want your article to read as if it is the most knowledgeable article on the subject. You want your article to be perceived as the Supreme Authority on that topic. Adding phrases such as I think or I know will undermine your authority.

Write the Draft

When given the opportunity, write your article two different ways. Include all your knowledge, supporting facts, and information in each one. Take a break, then come back and read each article individually. Which sounds better to you? Throw the other copy in the trash. Proofread your article choice, or have a friend check it for clarity, spelling, and grammar mistakes.

Write the Final Copy

After you have checked and rechecked your article for mistakes, you can continue on to write the final copy. Neatly hand write or type the article, and once again review it for any errors. Once done, you can publish it online, or submit it to a local newspaper.


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6th Oct 2012 (#)

One needs to do real homework but many just post theirs in a hurry like you can see here. Thanks Heather for the useful tips - siva

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