The Battle of the Dawn Star

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A tale from the sage of the twelve and a tale of how Odin was hunted down for his eye.

The Mage Witch and the Cup of a Thousand Tomorows

A long time ago during the war of a million stars Odin, a mighty warrior without compare and regent and ruler of Norsian people of earth went to see the Mage Witch of the black shadow worlds of Asgreaad.
The Black Mage Witch was rumoured to have a cup called the cup of a thousand tomorrows and when liquid was taken from the fountain of the whispering twilight stars. A fountain of liquid so dark it resembled the darkest reaches of space, in the void beyond galaxies where no starlight shone and yet it reflected the twinkle of the stars above.
The Mage Witch bartered one sip of the cup of a thousand tomorrow for something so precious to the great warrior, his keen eye to which he had perfect vision.
Odin plucked out his own eye and the deal was struck. He took the cup and drank from it and as the black liquid oozed down his throat and burned like a stinging roaring hot acid from a thousand suns he was given a vision.
Something that only an Astelian could endure and live to tell the tale about, in what seemed to be eons of writhing boiling agony he saw a visions of the next thousand tomorrows and he saw worlds burn, armies rise and falls in bloody battle and the stars themselves supernova and explode with the intensity of a billion suns…
He saw his own sun fight and a beast of thousand agonies chase him down and rip upon his flesh and face. And tare at it. Shuddering and fearful the mighty god of war fled from the shadow jungles or warped corruption and as he did he stole a glance back at the Mage Witch and so sealed his fate as his eye which had been removed had grown back. The Mage Witch was enraged as she had bartered for his eye so that he would forever be missing something and now to her anger he had grown the cursed thing back. And in one look at her his fate was sealed and so too was the fate of a thousand stars…

The Battle of a Million Stars

The Mage Witch rallied a million armies, species from all across the universe whose forces rivalled the god like forces of the Astelians to whom Odin was a descendant. The armies gathered and set about their war. The war of a million stars had been raging for millennia but now was to see its final end. The Astelian people…warriors of light and justice against the Cu’rany people, a race just as ancient as the Astelians and had almost all been turned to the corruption and warp of the darker temptations.
And so the final war of a million stars began…worlds burned, star super novaed and trillions of lives were lost…
The battle raged for nine hundred and ninty nine days until the final point of the war, the battle of the Dawn Star… a legendary battle, the elite of the Cu’rany army gathered in this sacred and hallowed place. The dawn star a mysterious star which once every day supernova’s but its internal core is made of a billion zero point diamonds which reverse the flow of the supernova back in on itself allowing the star to burn brightly with the intensity of a trillion stars without actually exploding forever…
The battle was set and the last armies had everything to loose and so they went about war with each other. Star boats exploded, millions died and from it the Mage Witch summoned her pet, a beast she had bartered half her soul to get, the beast of the Thousand Twilight Agonies, a writhing beast of snapping tendrils each one able to snap a human in half with their diamond sharp tips that snapped here and there.
The beast was a black a night and cast with an interior glow that made it glow blackness. Its eyes were like starlight and its bending mouth was more an amalgamation of razor sharp blades then teeth yet this beast was purely organic.
Its body was massive nearly ten metres across and with the form of that of a four legged prowler or hunter. Its entire back was tendrils while its face was a hideous it would strike terror and instand death by the mere sight by lesser beings. But Odin was Astelian, the olding beings in the universe and made from the ferocity of a star and tempered with the will and wisdom of a godly being.
Odin was the wrath of the Norse people and his mighty weapons and war bellow roared as he and his brother Loki charged the part of the battle. The war was fearce and soon the only thing surrounding odin was dead forms of beings once alive…and the beast, its armoured hide strong enough to survive the burning of a ships engines and survive.
It roared as it saw him and charged. Odin went into bloody battle with the beast…
But he was exhausted from fighting for a thousand days and so the beast felled him and tore at his face and ripped out his eye.
Then just as it was about to kill him Thor, the mighty warrior slammed his hammer into the heart of the dawn star and releasing its energy flow, the dawn star exploded with the ferocity of a thousand super nova’s and yet did not kill anyone.
The energy of the blast unleashed an arcane living force within the star which Thor had made a pact with, the living force which had been bound since the creation of the unviverse was released and it unleashed such force that Thor’s legendary hammer was rend from his hand and cast backwards in time and never seen again…
No one is sure of what happened in the final moments of the battle, the dawn star took a full day to fully explode and yet both sides mostly survived, the Cu’rany people were decimated and fled, the beast vanished along with Odin’s eye and whatever curse the Mage Witch had placed on the beast of a thousand agonies it meant that Odin’s eye would never grow back.
But the events that took place in the battle of the Dawn Star at its very end is a mystery for no matter how hard anyone tried to remember they cannot for the memories of the final moments when the battle raged at its heat were erased…
So that the pact between Thor and the Dawn Star remains a mystery and as a result none could taint the sacred pact. Whether the Mage Witch died or vanished no one knows but Odin ever since had worn a patch over his eye and never spoken a word of why the beast took it from him.
The Astelians commemorated the battle and so created a board game similar to modern day chess and called it dawn star, their descendents and children, one of which called humans created many games in inspiration of the original game called dawn star and so over millennia the war games changed forms and became two distinct forms of games, one called chess and the other checkers…

I have invented the bordgame and if your interested in it contact me


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Karim Giblett was born in the Hounslow Middlesex. He is a young author who battled Dyslexia for years before overcoming it at the age of twelve and within two years he started writing his first book.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
22nd Mar 2012 (#)

Fascinating, Kalegan:
I love stories like this and you told it so well.
Thank you.

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author avatar Karim Giblett
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you, it is a story told by the sister of Ra to his human wife Hathor when they are playing a bordgame Dawn Star in my up comming book called The War in Heaven to which the Invasion is also a part

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author avatar Buzz
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

Inspiring and creative. Thanks, Kalegan.

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author avatar Karim Giblett
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

My pleasure

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