The Beauty Of Nature

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Surround by beauty, we sometimes forget to stop, just for a moment and rest in the gentle stillness around us and simply allow our worries to float away.

The Beauty Of Nature

Strolling towards an impractical dream,

By your side a straying stream,

Above, the mists are feathery cream,

No more might you want to yell.

The air it smells so sweet.

The flying creatures go, twitter tweet.

Delicate grass to place your feet.

You groove with nature's beat.

Over here, there are no autos.

Over here, there are no bars.

Evening time carries you Venus, Mars;

Uncountable measures of stars.

Take everything in agreeable stride,

Don't ever feel you need to stow away.

This is the place you arrive at inside,

Also spread your wings; feel them coast.

Your life is yours, not theirs to take.

Light a flame by the lake.

Continuously cherish, with whom you wake,

Never let your companionships break.

Continuously live without misgiving.

Don't surrender, not presently, not yet.

Know what's to come isn't set.

Acknowledge what adore you get.

I realise that nature's trees are tall,

There's some you can't move whatsoever

Full in Spring ''til Autumn's Fall,

Secured in a winter shawl.

What's more as the seasons go back and forth,

You'll see the stream start to develop.

Filled by your entire life you know,

Conveyed in the winds that blow.

Listen to the melody it sings-

Affection and peace is the thing that it carries.

Imparting all the easily overlooked details,

Cover up scratches and dings.

That what living's about.

Never top it off with mistrust.

Look true near discover this out-

Continuously look for the kinder way.

Furthermore you will see, my most seasoned companion,

This dreamy life, it has no close.

There's dependably all the more past the twist,

Nature's hand, an appendage, to give.


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I am a busy mum in my 30's and when I am not running about I enjoy reading and writing about arts, alternative health and spirituality.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
6th Feb 2014 (#)

A good poem. Dreams are mostly impracticable, aren't they?

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author avatar Margaret
7th Feb 2014 (#)

Very true, thanks for your comment.

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