The Beginning of the End..and the Beginning of a New Beginning

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A new world is in progress but who will be chosen or choose to live there is in our hands. How we are now dictates our future.

The Coming...

Down through the timelessness of space
With winged sandals on her feet
She flew
Funnels of air they passed her by
Glittering stars, points of lace
Coloured they were in many hues

The coming of the Great Ones
Did this herald

The Choosing

Down through the centuries of time
An edict had been placed
When perfect synchronicity of motion
Cause and effect did happen
A new world into being would come

Those on high in conclave they did gather
Watching for the perfect time for this to be
The Ones who knew from constant surveillance
Who fitted who did not

The Disappearing

The choices they had to make
Hard ones they would be
For as the new world it began
The old would disappear
Sinking into the sea
As tidal waves
Swept over land and cataclysmic quakes
Shook the earth with fires raging red and hungry
Burning all in their way

The Choosing

Destruction all around it reigned
Man woman child disappear they did
Into its angry maw
Their choice to leave in such a terrible way

Such choices came from deep within
A knowing that could not be changed
Their destiny created long ago
By them
The karmic flows of suchlike folk
Lifetimes of suffering had they placed
On others

And now unto themselves they chose
The same

The Dreaming

And who am I
To dream of such mysteries
Yet to come

What can they bring
To we who stay
Happening upon
Another time
Another way
Choices can we make
Free will have we not

The New Garden of Eden

The timeless Beings they on high
Came to a judgement fair
For those who chose the higher path
Made their intention clear
Onto the new world they would come
To build again a garden of Eden

A place where only loving dwelled
Man unto man in kindness gave
Animals, insects, trees and plants
Flourished they

The Redemption

The others who in darkness dwelt
Found themselves in dire torment
Not knowing of a place to go
No one came forth to their aid
Except one small child
His hair so bright and golden
His eyes filled with tears of pity
And with love he changed the hearts of those
Who from the path had strayed

Taking Responsibility for All

The moral of this piece is plain
Do unto others as you would have them do
Unto you
Do not blame but take responsibility
For all that you say and do
And taking this one step further
Take responsibility for others too

A hard one this may be for many
But great joy it will bring to you

and so it


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

thank you Steve for doing this so fast..

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author avatar tankermone
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

A quite interesting story in this!

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author avatar yellowzigzag
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

i understand where you coming from

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

I love this one. It makes a person think.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

that is what it is supposed to do...thank you Clarence for your insightful comment...

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author avatar Buzz
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Truly excellent write, love. Congrats on the star!

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author avatar mistyleaf
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Beautiful piece! A well-deserved star. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

We are blessed beyond measure. I mean, humans taken as a whole - one humanity. We are at the apex of creation, but we hardly respond to our responsibility or use the power wisely. All our energies dissipated in going at each other's throats! Few are guilty, misleading, manipulating the vast majority. A new beginning may be forced on us. Great thoughts, cnw - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

thank you so much Siva..I sometimes wonder at my writings...but have to do what I do...namaste

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author avatar Christine Crowley
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Just wonderful thoughts! This is beautiful.

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