The Benefits Of Chewing Your Food

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Chewing well has its benefit. Most times you swallow food chunks without chewing, and by doing so, you lose a lot.

What You Stand To Gain When You Chew

The Benefits of Chewing Your Food

1. Chewing helps absorb more nutrients and energy from food. Chewing breaks your food down from large particles into smaller particles that makes them more easily digested. This also makes it easier for your intestines to absorb nutrients from the food particles as they pass through.

2. Chewing can help you maintain a healthy weight. Chewing helps you control the amount of food you eat. The longer you chew, the more time it will take you to finish a meal, and eating slowly can help you to eat less to avoid weight gain or even lose weight.

3. Chewing food helps break down enzymes. Saliva contains digestive enzymes, so the longer you chew, the more time these enzymes have to start breaking down your food, making digestion easier on your stomach and small intestines.

4. Chewing helps with digestion. Chewing your food into small pieces makes it easier to digest. Chewing properly allows your stomach to work more efficiently and break down your food faster.

5. Chewing food is good for your teeth. Your teeth get a good workout when you adequately chew your food. The saliva produced from chewing helps clear food particles from your mouth so there is less plaque buildup and tooth decay.

6. Less bacteria lingers in your intestines when you chew your food because smaller pieces enter your stomach instead of large pieces.

7. You actually taste your food when you chew it well. When you chew your food instead of rushing through your meal, you enjoy it more. It forces you to slow down, savor each morsel and really enjoy all the flavors your food has to offer.

The next meal you have, don't rush through it. Chew each mouthful because there are great benefits.


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1st Sep 2015 (#)

Very helpful! I tend to eat quite fast, need to learn to chew more!

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2nd Sep 2015 (#)

@ Mary Papas Do pls

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2nd Sep 2015 (#)

yes i agree that chewing helps our digestive system to digest the food easily and faster

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5th Sep 2015 (#)


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