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Selections of verse from an eccentric collector of rare books.

The Book of Concealed Places

I couldn't tell you
how long
I've been searching for it.


I try to glimpse it
through The Akashic Records,
but I see only
the blank pages
its author stared at
before losing his mind,
and composing it.

I see that,
and flashes of
the images within;
strange geometries and
esoteric runes
as the author
whispers to me
in the night
while I'm laying
in bed,
halfway to sleep.

No library,
no scholar,
no occult enthusiast or collector
of strange relics
can point me
to a volume of
the Book of Concealed Places.

This seems to make sense,
for it is said
that the Book of Concealed Places
stands outside of linear time,
its author treading
over the frozen states of matter,
climbing the layers of their progress
as if they were stairs
as they rise
like reflections in glass
all around him.

Perhaps it can be grasped
in its solid state
under certain conditions.

The Yellow Book

The Yellow Book
was written by a man who had extended contact with extradimensional beings
since childhood.

It chronicles his journey from contactee to actual host of an entity
until he and that entity become one and the same.

It reads half like the field report of a mission,
half like a manual for contacting alien beings,
and the use of unimaginable psychic abilities,
including the traversal of the various dimensions these beings reside.

Some analysts suspect
the author suffered from
some form of schizoid ailment
while others thought
he may have been on the spectrum
of some form of autism.
Others suggest mind-altering drugs were involved.

A few passages do exhibit this,
and I've noted at least one or two
were composed while the author
was under the influence
of alcohol.

Any attempt to transcribe it digitally
seems to be met with some malfunction,
and physical transcriptions always end up missing,
the transcriber usually along with them,
so only one copy is known to exist.

Even talking about it too much
seems to attract attention
from eerie people.

Al Azif

Written by a poet from Yemen
some time in the early to mid eighth century.

It chronicles the poet's journey through the wasteland of Yemen
after being exiled by his patron caliph.

Greek and Latin translations depict lost ancient cities
he was able to find in the wastes,
as well as other adjacent nations,
presenting evidence of non-human civilizations
through the eons,
and their histories.
It is not known if any of the original Arabic texts exist,
but there are translations of spells and rituals
used to contact terrifying cosmic beings.

The Book of Zeke

A collection of verse from one "Zeke".

Arguably the first Terran prophet of Zanar.

The verses depict the prophet's contact
with celestial or extra terrestrial beings,
and his subsequent descent into madness.

The Arachnopolis

as of yet discovered,
volumes of prose
composed by an eccentric New England woodsman,
with a flair for the written word.

It is the first documented encounter
of a Terran with the Arachnoid race.

There is evidence that the author
may have written more passages
on the matter.

The Epic of Gala

Fragments of ancient
stone tablets
able to be viewed
across space and time
by use of
Arachnoid skrying cubes.

The fragments speak of
an ancient Zanarian demigod,
and his struggle with
an Arachnoid Menace.

It is unknown
whether more fragments
were unearthed on Zanar


An extremely rare translation
of the Arachnoid myths
going back eons.

It also covers a lot of Zanarian history
as far back as
the budding space exploration
of the proto-Zanarian species.

As of now,
it can only be vaguely viewed
by a human mind
with an Arachnoid skrying cube.

The Epic of Zanar

An Arachnoid skrying cube illuminates
unearthed tablets
of Zanari stone
that can be translated
into several verses
that depict
the ascension
of the demigod, Zanar.

It also hints
at the dawn
of proto-Zanarian species'


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My name is Blake C. Patria. I am a musician, a writer, a philanthropist, a philosopher, etc. I enjoy science and its fictions. I also enjoy philosophy and Punk Rock. My work will tell more :)

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Jul 2017 (#)

fascinating...hello i have been writing on wikinut since 2012 but not too much glad to read articles of this kind that you write here...

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author avatar Blake C. Patria
8th Jul 2017 (#)

Thanks! It's a very good outlet for me. I'm glad you enjoy :)

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Jul 2017 (#)

SINwriter and you will make a great couple you know. She is always on the lookout for newbies. Beware of a vile tongue once she falls out with you. Read her works and you will see she loves to insult me - for telling her she is an inspiration to me. I write on my public profile on Facebook, and am an Artist - Actress, Model, Singer-song-writer with an album on the way. My first single was released rather unceremoniously in NZ leading to certain impending legal issues due to tax Red Tapism.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Jul 2017 (#)

Any way, SINwriter has been insulting me since 2012. Take Care, good luck, don't be her victim like I have been. I now call her Lucifers'' Wife as she made Michael Jackson Satan.

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