The Bike Ride to Skinned Knee

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A story about a boy on an unauthorized biking adventure. Learns some early life lessons

Short Stories

Feeling brave and maybe seven, he sets out for adventure. Takes a left turn down a street he knows well but never before as an independent on a two wheel venture. On purpose or maybe unintentionally he forgets to tell home base about this journey. He figures it won't take so long. At least as long as he thinks he can be gone before anyone starts with concern.
His favorite sound is the knobby tires from his favorite bike as they meet his favorite warn out road. For weeks he had tested his strength with each push of the heavy bikes peddles. Changing the pitch of the sound of the tire with the rhythumic push of increasing rotation, he'd often push till he ran out of road. Or at least till he'd need to rest. To coast on this road was reward in itself, The joy of the sound was enough. Not many cars would be passing near by, especially down this particular drive. The town would soon be a wonderland for him but his own four house road made life sweet.
With cut off blue jeans , red double stripped knee high socks and a near new pair of sneeks, he stands on the pedals for the end of the street. He knows the bikes abilities and his own. Taking time to stop and look at both ways, he stands down from his mount and leans to one side. His left leg touches the ground, his right wrapped over the seat and angled diagonally down. Hugging the bike with his leg, partly because it was all he could do to stay on and partly because he had achieved oneness with his machine. At least he had mastered that much of it. He knew where he was headed. It was not so far away. What made it far enough was the stench and a massive display. He was headed toward the Dairy Farm. Half way to absolutely too far away.
Similar in texture this next road was exciting to run. It was old school pavement warn smooth from years of traffic and no cracks like you'd see roads today. He felt safe and he felt brave knowing that not many cars should pass him here either way. He was certain to be mindful of the possibilty. Always looking out for the dangers for safety's sake. Pushing on just the same.
At least twice as far as he'd ever ridden, he was now learning about pace. With his mind fixed on his destination he presses on with anticipation. Remembering now that he might not have been allowed to travel this far if he had bothered to ask. Coupled with the anticipated dangers that come with narrow streets, blind curves and the potential for traffic to include the occasional tractor. His heart was pounding, His breathing was heavy. He was thrilled to be pressing on.
The Farm was in site. He now began coasting but sure to maintain his speed. As he thought again about the time that had passed, he knew he was farther away from his home than his parents surely wanted him to be.
Tasting victory he zeroed in on the turn around spot. He was quickly nearing his targeted destination. He'd stop to explore some other day. For now it was definately time to turn back toward home. A continous loop was what was going to make this exciting adventure successful and complete. No one would discover that he had gone.
The Dairy Farms fence was nearly on top of the street. The pungent stench of manure was unavoidable. The cows were like large pigs that had wallowed for weeks on end in the muddiest of mud. It was unclear how much of the black on the black and white cow was in fact truely cow and how much of it was actually mud and how much was the other!
Thrilled now to reach the edge of the drive where he had planned all along to turn round. Zeroing in on the spot of the stone at the base of the drive he begins. Pushing and pressing to maintain the pace that is needed to slide the back tire 'round. He's confident, conscious and eager to dive into the slide that will make this trip sweet. He enters the end of the drive with conviction. Unfortunately his calculation did not match his prediction. Its seems the stones were like sand that was dry and quite deep. The angle of his slide turned quickly too steep. The stones were quite larger than he had expected and the size of his tire wasn't accurately projected. It didn't much matter now what was the cause. The fact was he now lay there face up, forced to pause. The wind in his sails was gone from his lungs and his pride was as flat as his now bitten tounge. The tounge wasn't bad and he couldn't quite breath but his worse fate to date was his rasberry knee. As he lay there in hopes that he'd get his breath back, before someone noticed he'd gotten of track, he knew that his parents would press him to see about learning the reason for his now bleeding knee.
Time was not first on his list now of dealings. He was back on the road moving slow with mixed feelings. Relieved to be breathing and unseen he's convinced, that the worst of times now must have past . He struggles for answers to why things went wrong. He notes now the haste in his planning made waste. The road back to home will be long.


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