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This article tells you about the excess usage of mobile phones and its consequences and its sources . It gives you precautions as well !


From the inception of the mobile phones and laptops , People's life has been made easier and faster in a way that it has been made people's primary companion. Now , Each and every person carries them along themselves for work or any other reason. And surely , Their lives are now incomplete without them. What was the aim in bringing out a phone ? Was it to play games ? Was it to chat ? It was to contact people who stayed away from us. However , technology has taken its toll on the phone as well . With each new mobile being launched , There is new technology or something innovative in it. Everyone's day ends by using a phone and starts with using a phone. The technology has brought internet in it , Camera , high quality screen and much more. It has also led to decrease in the quality of one's life. People tend to remain on the phone for hours and play games. If people used to go out for a walk , they might not be going now or even if they are going there would be a phone with them to listen songs or chat. WhatsApp and Facebook are the primary reasons. Not only the elders are doing this , the Youth is also doing it and actually at an increased rate. They spend time chatting on the phone rather than having leisure time with family. After all , family is the only lifetime supporter of you ! Be it a restaurant , a mall or even during a Spa , they take it with them and use it along. It not only decreases the moral values of the person but also the richness of eyes. The blue light which is very harmful is present on the screens of the phones and harms our eyes after continuous usage.

People have also become lousy and lethargic. The mobile phones dont let them leave it provided that its so much of use !! And yes , I myself agree that there are the benefits of mobiles. It has made the world faster , everything is now on the tips our hands , etc. But what is more fascinating that the impact of disadvantages of the mobile is more , certainly.

What is to be done to overcome this addiction ?

1. Try to use the mobile when its urgent or use it for particular hours.
2. Try to avoid downloading Facebook and Instagram on it , The mobile wont attract you !
3. Forget the habit of checking the mobile for recent chats.
4. Dont get too obsessive with the Camera

What has been a true surprise is people prefer social media than helping ! An Example will make you understand well , Like if a person hits a girl and beat her repeatedly , there would be people around but not for helping her but for taking a video and post it somewhere else ! This has been the effect of Mobile and Social Media . And actually one of the suspects in bringing the problems of mobiles is SOCIAL MEDIA

People have become so head over heels for phones that they require the best phone. The phone which has the best camera . This also gives rise to the problem ' Why people use mobiles so oftenly ? '.

Trust me , staying away from your mobiles will definately give you a new , better path which would be to Success.
" Your phone has already replaced your camera , calendar , alarm , clock ...... Don't let it replace your family ! "

Staying at home !

Having already said that the usage and the importance of mobile in one's life has increased significantly , this has led to people to decrease their outside activities. People are now so much engrossed in phones that they find laziness in going out and work out ! And because of this nature of being Lethargic , people stay at home and do work on mobile as an alternative which suggest them better than moving out . There can be many reasons and advantages of going out and do some productive work . People can workout , build fitness , play any sport or even do running ; These all contribute in being a healthy person .
Being healthy guarantees a longer life which can be fruitful only if it is continued . Avoiding all this leads to being lazy .

1. You wont stand for taking a fruit from your kitchen and return back to your room .
2. You find all the happiness in the phone rather than anything else .
3. People would find lazy to go even to their offices and jobs .

These people then encourage others to adopt a life like them and then they also get encouraged.

So , currently there is no stopping to technology entering in the mobile , but what can be stopped is that people using phones for hours. What can be implemented is that there is a fixed time for using the phone and if not there is surely a bad future awaiting us !

See you in the next Blog !


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