The Black Beast Part Six

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Part six of the series. Charles learns more about Duncan. There will be at least two more parts, both of which should be up this month.

The Tenement Building

Charles rubs his eyes and goes to pour his third cup of coffee of the day. He sits at the kitchen table and stares at the empty plate in front of him. Bits of bacon rind and toast crumbs can only interest for so long, so his eyes move to the paper. His mind starts to wander again. He shakes his head. “This won't help,” he thinks. He decides to get some air and gets on his motorbike. He drives around town on auto-pilot, trying to get his head clear. Then all of a sudden it hits him like a kick to the stomach. He's on Morrison Avenue. His mind flashes beck to the previous day again.

He thinks back to just after he had seen Duncan leave. There could be only one way to discover who is in this with Duncan quick enough to mean anything. He would have to follow his brother and see where he goes. He waited a few seconds, then left some money on the table and exited the café. He saw Duncan walking across the street. He let let him get a block or two away before walking after him. Only every now and then did he let him get out of sight.

Duncan walked into the courtyard of an older style tenement building. Charles waited with his back to a wall to see what Duncan would do next. He saw him go up a fire escape and climb through one of the windows. Charles waited for him to come back out. He did not have long to wait. About fifteen minutes after he had gone in, Duncan came back out of the same window he had entered through. Charles pressed himself tighter against the wall he was leaning against to hide better. After he could no longer see Duncan or hear his footsteps, Charles followed his path up the fire escape.

Inside, the building was everything it promised to be from the outside. Dust everywhere, exposed brickwork and cobwebs. Charles could see footprints in what was left of a carpet. He walked through into the next room and down the corridor. The footprints lead him to another room a few doors down. He tried the door, but it was locked. After thinking it over for a minute or two, Charles decided to throw caution to the wind and break the door down.

Inside was a nicely furnished, well kept apartment. Charles looked around. Everything was nice looking, but most of the furnishings were purple or light blue. Not Duncan's colours. He walked around and found a large bookshelf in the the living room. It was then that he saw something odd. Behind one of the books, there was an edge of a wall safe sticking out. He removed the books and saw he was right. He put his ear to the door and turned the dial to the left, until he heard a faint click. He kept going until he had the safe open. Inside were the contents of his safe, and some other things. Most importantly, there was what he had lost from his safe besides the money. He grinned as he put it and his money into his backpack. He was mentally congratulating himself when he heard them. Footsteps coming up the fire escape.


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