The Blinders a story based on truth

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This is a story based on truth and Experience of light and darkness and where we can find Hope

The Blinders a story based on truth

Hello I do not see myself as a story teller but I’m giving my fingers a try at it.
I guess we are all telling stories as we live with our actions it tells how we are, what we have been trough and where we are going, I want to believe that’s how detectives work by figuring out the bad guys story is and find a way to write his ending for him with an ever after behind bars.
I really hope we have that power to write that someone we love in our stories and if so I would make sure we have our own fairy tale ending, I here many people say they’re after the fairy tale but we sometimes forget fairy tales aren’t all sun shine and unicorns, it has darkness and is always on the edge of despair and never working out, but then somehow they make it somehow they live happily ever after I’d like to believe it’s because characters in fairy tales push through everything thing, things we don’t even want to stand in front of.
Now I started off by saying I wane tell a story I guess that told a story of me, but before I go of topic again I really need to start.

The Blinders a story based on truth.
Welcome Dick he is a man seeking, seeking what? no one knows I don’t think he does ether but all he knows is he wants more, more of what you might ask, well if you meet him which I doubt you’ll do but if that happens ask him.
If you ever ask Dick about his childhood he stutters and gives a long pause as if he is solving complicated equations, and his eyes, you see them wonder in the flashbacks he is having, I await his answer deep and thought out and with some kind of tragedy and triumph, but no he answers “I don’t know had its up’s and downs its life right” unsatisfied with his answer I probe a little deeper I asked him if he can tell me something that stood out for him, and again all I get is a face in deep thought, but he gave me more he said “you know nothing stands out actually there was things that is constant so it jumps first in memory like blinders well that’s what I call it.” Blinders? Now I’m really interested, and here is his story it may seem like the story is only starting now but no it’s just him finding another way to start.

You know nothing stands out actually, there was things that is constant so it jumps first in memory like blinders well that’s what I call it. You know those things on a horse that gives them tunnel vision just to see the finish line or not to get distracted I think that’s why they use them but yes that’s what sticks out because I saw my room’s blinds to be blinders no matter how sunny it could be outside when I wake up it looked like a cloudy day, I think it’s because there was always a storm brewing in our house when I think about it the whole house was blinders only focusing on its I don’t know dramas and sorrow closing you in keeping you away from the outside world never really experiencing the sun fully I can understand the agony a vampire goes trough I think they live at least knowing how the sun once felt, I… well I guess I’m living with hope, hope to experience it for myself.

That’s how this story ends it ends with hope I wonder if we only can find hope in a hopeless place?
Well I hope Dick finds the sun and you dear reader I hope you find the dark and cold and in there you experience light like never before and warmth that will last forever warmth that cuddles with your heart, and electrifies your bones. I am not sure if the end is a fitting end but this is how it ends today.
To be filled with more Hope.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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