The Blood Of The Lonely One

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Jesus shed more than just a few drops of blood at Calvary. There was a lot more shedding of his blood than any of us could imagine or think. He shed enough blood to save all that come to him to be washed and made whole. The blood will never lose it's power.

The Blood of The Lonely One

He suffered at the hands of the soldiers. He was left alone by his disciples who fled. He was forsaken by the Father because Someone righteous and without sin had to pay the Supreme penalty to satisfy the Righteousness and Justice of God. Jesus was alone but he paid it all!
The Gospel according to John declares:
John 19:1-3.
1 Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him. 2 And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe, 3 And said , Hail , King of the Jews! and they smote him with their hands.

At this time Jesus shed more than just a few drops of blood that most of us think at Calvary. He was bloody from the time they put the crown of thorns on his head to the lashes he endured and the nail scarred hands, the punctured feet when they nailed him to the cross. Then on the cross there was more blood shed when they pierced him in the side. Let us take a close look at his shedding of blood. First Pilate had Jesus Scourged. In other words He had Jesus beat until his flesh was ripped almost off his back.

Finding that the Jews would not agree to his (Jesus) release, but that Barabbas was the person they chose, and being very desirous, if possible, to save his (Jesus) life, Pilate thought of this method: he ordered Jesus to be taken by the proper officers, and scourged him; that is, commanded him to be scourged by them; which was done by having him to a certain place, where being stripped naked, and fastened to a pillar, he was severely whipped: This was done with a whip that had metal in the thongs or straps, and this he did, hoping the Jews would be satisfied therewith, and agree to his release; but though he did this with such a view, yet it was a very unjust action in him to scourge a man so severely that he himself could find no fault in: however, it was what was foretold by Christ himself, and was an emblem of those strokes and scourges of divine justice he endured, as the surety of his people, in his soul, in their stead; and his being scourged, though innocent, shows, that it was not for his own, but the sins of others; and expresses the vile nature of sin, the strictness of justice, and the grace, condescension, and patience of Christ: and this may teach us not to think it strange that any of the saints should endure scourging, in a literal sense; and to bear patiently the scourging and chastisements of our heavenly Father, and not to fear the overflowing scourge or wrath of God, since Christ has bore this in our room. His blood was shed for you, me, for the Jews and the Gentiles of the world.

John 19:2,3

2 And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe, 3 And said , Hail , King of the Jews! and they smote him with their hands.

This was an emblem of his being surrounded by wicked men, sons of Belial, comparable to thorns, whilst he hung suffering on the cross; and of the sins of his people compassing him about, which were as thorns, very grievous to him; and of his various troubles in life, and of his being made a curse for us at death; thorns being the produce of the curse upon the earth. And put it on his head: This also caused blood to flow as well as being a symbol of mockery, not only by way of derision, as mocking at his character, the King of the Jews, but in order to afflict and distress him. Here was a shedding of blood during this act. And they put on him a purple robe:

Matthew calls it a scarlet robe; and the Arabic and Persic versions here, "a red" one: it very probably was one of the soldiers' coats, which are usually red: this was still in derision of him as a king, and was an emblem of his being clothed with our purple and scarlet sins, and of the bloody sufferings of his human nature for them, and through which we come to have a purple covering, or to be justified by his blood, and even to be made truly kings, as well as priests, unto God

Though Jesus had shed much blood during the whipping or scourging, and when they drove nails in his hands and feet when they nailed him to the cross, there was one more time he shed blood.

John 19:34

But one of the soldiers

Whose name some pretend to say was Longinns, and so called from the spear with which he pierced Christ:with a spear pierced his side; his left side, where the heart lies; though the painters make this wound on the right, and the Arabic version of Erpenius, as cited by Dr. Lightfoot, adds the word "right" to make the miracle the greater: this the soldier did, partly out of spite to Christ, and partly to know whether he was really dead; and which was so ordered by divine providence, that it might beyond all doubt appear that he really died, and was not taken down alive from the cross; so that there might be no room to call in question the truth of his resurrection, when he should appear alive again:and forthwith came there out blood and water;

this is accounted for in a natural way by the piercing of the "pericardium", which contains a small quantity of water about the heart, and which being pierced, a person, if alive, must inevitably die; but it seems rather to be something supernatural, from the asseverations the evangelist makes. This water and blood some make to signify baptism and the Lord's supper, which are both of Christ's appointing, and spring from him, and refer to his sufferings and death; rather they signify the blessings of sanctification and justification, the grace of the one being represented by water, as it frequently is in the Old and New Testament, and the other by blood, and both from Christ:

Of course there are other things in the crucifixion that all readers should take note of. The four Gospel accounts should be read in their entirety and they should be read with great patience and labor. This article is only to show the blood that Jesus shed was more than small amount and all the shedding of blood was for our sin and the sin of the whole world. As you read this article I also remind you of a hymn sung in the church of days gone by and in some even today. They still sing, "I know it was the blood, I know it was the blood,I know it was the blood that saved me. One day when I was lost, He died upon the cross. I know it was the blood that saved me."
I am saved, sanctified, and washed in His Cleaning Blood.


Blood Flow, Blood Of Jesus Christ

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th Apr 2013 (#)

how I thank the Lord for His blood shed for me .What a price !
God bless you

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author avatar johnbee
6th Apr 2013 (#)

Oh how much He loved you, me and the people of this world.

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