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A personal experience and some thoughts about obnoxious fans.

I'm just gonna sit here and heckle you while you do the hard work..

You are attending a match and a player gets through on goal. He positions himself and when he finally takes the shot, it goes wide. While everybody is expressing the disappointment in their own quiet way, you hear someone say the following:

“Ag man, take him off, he’s useless”

We’ve all heard some variation of this while attending a game.


Whether it is a cup final or a school match, something about competitiveness brings out the heckler within us.

I was attending my nephew’s u-10 football match and was seated amongst the parents. Most of them were supportive and cheering the kids on, even though they were losing but there was this one guy who took the occasion too seriously.


This grown man was out here, screaming his lungs out like he was coaching a team in the World Cup final…


Every time my nephews’ side got an opportunity, he would try and direct play.

“HE’S OPEN!!!”

Every time the opponents got an opportunity, he’d bark out some orders.


Most of the parents did their best to get him to quieten down but it was to no avail.

Halftime came and as the official coach of my nephews’ team gathered the kids to give them a pep-talk, Fan – Coach went over to try giving the coach a couple of pointers.

“Hey man, maybe you should take 6 off as he’s not playing too well.”

Keep in mind this was said within earshot of the kids and their parents.

We were dumbstruck.

The coach had to remind the fan that this wasn’t about the result but rather for the kids’ development.

“I’m just saying we’d do a whole lot better if that kid went off.”

Up until this point, everyone else was keeping their cool for the sake of the kids but once Fan-Coach said that, one of the parents (which I suspected was the father of 6) stormed all the way to where the team talk was taking place to (understandably) confront FC.

Now, as entertaining the idea of a fist fight at a kids game sounded, as parents and guardians, we felt it might’ve impacted the kids negatively and rushed over to prevent the side show from taking place. The resulting commotion attracted a lot of attention from both the kids and the rest of the parents, which in turn prompted the referee to come over.

“Hey buddy, how’s about you sit down, watch the game and support the kids instead of making an ass out of yourself?”

“It’s hard to do that when the kids are playing like shit. I’m also a guardian; I have every right to be here. Coach, take that kid out and get them to play better and you-“

Turning to the referee, he said the following:

“Start officiating decently. My blind grandmother could ref this game better.”

As the saying goes, there’s always calm before the storm. Fan-Coach’s words and entitlement stunned everyone into silence and in that silence, the storm began brewing. It seemed that during the period of silence, the gravity of FCs words was sinking into people’s minds.

Confused looks were exchanged…

“Did this guy just say that our kids are playing like shit?”

Then once that confusion became a realization of what he said, that realization turned into blind anger.


With a couple of stupid comments, FC had singlehandedly managed to piss off the parents, the coach and the referee.

It was almost impressive.

Needless to say, people were incensed.

Hearing their kids being called rubbish awoke the protective instincts within the parents. Hearing his coaching abilities being questioned irritated the coach and having his officiating belittled by someone who wasn’t qualified outraged the ref and it all led to them baying for FCs blood. It took the efforts of the school security and the car guards to prevent a public execution and even then, a couple of minutes were required for everyone to calm down before the match resumed.

As a fan, you invest a lot of emotion into supporting a team and depending how they play, it can affect you in a positive or negative way so it’s understandable that from time to time, you voice your opinion however unsavory it be. Hell, I myself have said some shocking things at the players while watching a match.

That however does not give you the right to spoil the experience for others.

Act appropriately, respect others, take in the atmosphere and most importantly, try to enjoy yourself: everyone else is.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Jun 2018 (#)

Pity you speak that way about your fans. I know fans who have hurt me and hackers who have played dirt in the name of fanship.
Sometimes it is best to keep quiet unless it is an issue for personal safety and bodily endangerment. But nothing can be done when they are Illuminati and Satanists wherein only countries like Saudi etc. would have them arrested for being occult and supernatural showing that they are worshipping elsewhere apart from God. I don't insult them openly as you as the star to them just derided the people who make you who you are, a star. Shame!!!!

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author avatar Retired
11th Jun 2018 (#)

thanks for sharing.

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