The Book of Peace

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Now considered an unachievable ideal, I have spent many hours contemplating the true meaning of Peace and how it can be achieved. The following is another exploration into the spiritual side of our human existence. May it bring you some form of joy and perhaps some enlightenment. God Bless you.

The Book of Peace

Verse 1

Man’s natural state though it seems he’s forgotten
The gift of a life, God’s only begotten
The legends of truth now ancient and frayed
The lessons once learned now lost and decayed

Verse 2

At an end is the beginning that once seemed so bright
For darkness was left when we surrendered the light
In confusion we prayed for our burdens to cease
The answer was Christ, the message was peace

Verse 3

Each of us yearns for the dream to be real
An ideal we consider yet no longer we feel
So sure in our answers to questions once asked
Mocked are the ways and the lives of the past

Verse 4

The more that we learned the less that we knew
Until lies replaced truth and the wise were the few
So bold in our findings we abandoned the way
As our world became smaller we went further astray

Verse 5

So few there are now who trust and believe
The course of the common to lie and deceive
The sadness is heavy, the loss is unmeasured
Our hearts have lost sight of the things to be treasured

Verse 6

Now alone all together we believe we are free
For the prison they built has walls we can’t see
Freedom if not earned can for granted be taken
In a heart full of fear all hope is forsaken

Verse 7

Our instincts they scream as we bare the confusion
For solace is found in the welcomed illusion
Distracted by troubles and trivial cares
Blinded by choice we were trapped unawares

Verse 8

Now war is peace and death freedom’s cost
The truth is the lie of a conscience now lost
Too full of heads the sand groans as it drifts
Windswept with woe it now burns as it shifts

Verse 9

Those yet to come pay the cost of your choice
To abide in the chaos and silence your voice
Ignorance brings comfort to say you knew not
The existence of evil and the success of its plot

Verse 10

Time there is still to break free from the mold
Though the names are all new the battle is old
Ever have the forces that fight to hold sway
Replaced hope with fear and joy with dismay

Verse 11

The true field of battle is the hearts of all men
For each of us chooses the sword or the pen
Though a king moves a man his choices are his
He can choose to be ordered or choose to let live

Verse 12

Though each of us yearns for the touch of its grace
In our hearts just like love, peace holds its own place
To speak of its promise is a voice held naive
Yet the concept of love, we must feel to perceive

Verse 13

Behind the curtain the reapers they push and they pull
They convince you your dream is a cup that’s half full
Yet dreams are for those who follow their hearts
For blessed are those who write their own parts

Verse 14

Beneath the wing of the dragon it is easy to stay
At his side appears safer than to be in his way
So few there are now with the courage to fight
Like slaves to his shadow we fear now the light

Verse 15

The voice of your soul you’ve mistaken for thought
It whispers a wisdom beyond all you were taught
As it pleads a reaction to the horror unbound
You claim the distraction and silence the sound

Verse 16

Though countless are tales of a new path begun
Of the seed that was planted and nurtured by one
The fruit of its bough he grew only to share
Yet though you devour you remain unaware

Verse 17

As actions are deeds and deeds are yet actions
You fight not to believe but to hide your reaction
For each of us knows on occasion of slight
Whatever the deed it is wrong or it’s right

Verse 18

Our illusion of real has us worship the scene
Now knowledge is truth with no in-between
Not so long ago the earth was still flat
Wisdom is found in the absence of fact

Verse 19

Things there are still that always have been
The history of time remains mostly unseen
All that man learns already was known
For all that there is has a mind of its own

Verse 20

Existence existed without us just fine
The bounty was blessed, the beauty sublime
The balance was perfect and for ever it spun
Long before man and his time had begun

Verse 21

We are more than just life crept from the sea
We are more than what was, what is and will be
Connected through spirit all things make the one
To show us true peace God gave us his son

Verse 22

For the message of Christ was to love and forgive
To give what you can and to live and let live
He showed us the way and he gave us the light
To keep evil at bay and to fight the good fight

Verse 23

Imprisoned by those who seek power through strife
Our freedom sits poised on the edge of a knife
Given to fear we are forced to believe
Only through war can Peace be achieved

Verse 24

A notion of nonsense designed to deceive
The power is yours if you choose to believe
In a balance of spirit, of body and mind
Of faith in the promise of a truth yet to find

Verse 25

The great lie is mortality and all of its fears
The passing of time and the counting of years
For that is the method with which they control
Your joy and your hope, your heart and your soul

Verse 26

No beast fears the future, they care not for plans
The burden of promise belongs solely to man
It is us that exploits and so causes great pain
We turn only to God when appointing the blame

Verse 27

Each heart must awaken and find its own worth
Each soul be retaken, each mind be re-birthed
Empower yourself to reclaim your own dream
Often life is more simple than at first it would seem

Verse 28

Your world is a mirror it reflects how you feel
If riddled with hate your pain becomes real
Only you have the power with which to decide
To hold onto your hurt or to cast it aside

Verse 29

We are all but reflections, an idea of ourselves
In the depths of your soul the answers they dwell
Forsake all the knowledge of man’s best excuse
The fiction of facts that serve us no use

Verse 30

True wisdom is more than a thing to be proved
A contemplation of reason once fear is removed
Two paths we were given but one direction to take
Your life is defined by the choices you make

Verse 31

Without faith we are blind to a wealth of true power
With no refuge in judgment, in suspicion we cower
Excuses we claim to free our conscience of guilt
Yet not by man’s hand was the universe built

Verse 32

Our connection to God is our greatest of strengths
True peace is a perception of a life without length
We are each of us eternal and have nothing to fear
It’s only part of the journey, the time you have here

Verse 33

Through the actions of others you expect to find peace
If all wars were ended and all fighting was ceased
When your mind, your body and your soul are aligned
It is within your own heart true peace you will find


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Interesting post!

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