The Borg, The Star Trek Creators Greatest Creation.

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This is about the Borg race in Star Trek TNG. This was one of the creators of the shows biggest and best creations. The Borg are more powerful than the Klingons or Rombulans.

The Borg, The Greatest Thing Star Trek Creators Created

When it comes to Star Trek, the Federation has come across many enemies from Kirks era to Picard. Back in the day, the fans of the trek franchise thought the Klingons or Rombulans were the greatest enemy of the Federation. The Rombulans were the most feared at the time. The writers and creators of Star Trek TNG came up with the greatest creation of Enemies.
The Borg became the greatest threat. The Borg were introduced in the episode called “Q-Who.” Picard and Q have a discussion on if the Federation is ready for what awaits them in the near future. Picard claims that they are ready for anything. With his power, Q sends the Enterprise thousands of lightyears from Federation space to an unknown area of space.
It was charted and named as J-25. This is near the Delta Quadrant of space. The Delta Quadrant is known as the home territory of the Borg. It did not matter what race of alien existed in the trek world, the Borg did not care. The Borg space ship is a large cube shaped vessel that is ten times larger than the enterprise. The Borg race do not kill the people they encounter, the assimilate them.
They turn people into drones. A Borg drone is a worker controlled by the Borg Queen. This is similar to the Queen of an ant or Bee colony. The difference is that every Borg drones brain is interconnected to the others. Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts. Another name is the “Hive Mind.” The drones still have a sense of who they were before being assimilated.
They are just not in control of who they used to be. Borg drones are made up of biological and artificial life. They are also made from all kinds of different humanoid species from humans, Klingons, Rombulans, and others. A Borg Ship can hold from 10,000 to 230,000 drones. A Borg ship was very hard to defeat when first introduced.
Thanks to Captain Janeway of Voyager, there are ways of defeating them became a lot easier. The “Best of Both Worlds’ was an episode where to the Borg make it to Federation space and kidnap Picard and turn him into a drone. The ending of the first part shows Riker telling Mr. Worf to fire. This was one of the best cliffhangers in television history.
This left fans wondering if Picard will die and leave the show or will something else happen. The creation of the Borg was pure genius. Species 8472 which was introduced in the Voyager series was not as frightening, but was as powerful.


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