The Boy And The Gypsy

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Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.

The Chance Encounter

There was once a boy travelling down a road with an ambitious look in his eyes. He had always wanted to see the Oceans. As he travelled he met a Gypsy who lived at the side of the road and she told him that his true destiny would lie ahead in which path he would choose.
‘but how would I know which is the right path to choose?’ the boy asked the dark clothed Gypsy
‘trust the Universe to guide you and you will never go wrong…’ she said and burst into kind laughter as he soon continued down the path. Sure enough he arrived at a fork in the road and he stopped. He closed his eyes and asked for guidance by the universe and at first there was nothing. Then when he was about to open his eyes he felt a sharp tug to his right leg. He headed right down the better looking path.

The Hill vs the Will

But as he travelled he soon saw thorny vines that filled the road and he had to travel through them, he was cut and scratched all over his face as he travelled and soon the path went up hill and it got steeper and steeper. But as he travelled onwards he fought his way through the thick thorny boshes with every step. This stung but he kept on going.
Soon hard rain poured and he was drenched in water that stung his cuts and scratches and as he was about to give up and turn around an almighty mudslide gave way and blocked his path backwards.
He continued up the hill until it levelled off and the thorns were reduced. He found a nice large tree that sheltered him from the rain and as night fell he took the last of his food and eat it and went to sleep under the tree.
The next morning he awoke and the sun was shining brightly, the air smelt good and it smelt of the salty Ocean. He awoke and he travelled down the other side of the hill where the path was not very steep. On the way down he noticed that the Boshes were in fact Raspberry Bushes, and he took to plucking the raspberries, he had learnt how to avoid the thorns from the day before’s journey and soon his bag and pockets were filled with raspberries and his stomach was soon full from eating them. He continued down the hill and soon found he was at a huge port.

The Chance and the boy

He took to one of the Inns and the innkeeper saw that he had lots of Raspberries which the locals did not pick because of the thorns. He sold all of his raspberries and was given some gold and a good drink.
As the boy drank the drink he overheard some Sailors talking about loosing their new cabin boy to sickness and needing a replacement quickly. Buying two of the finest drinks in the Inn the boy gave them to the Sailors and soon made friends with them. They invited him aboard the ship as the new Cabin Boy and he worked hard all day and night. He was invigorated by the Ocean and happy to be free aboard the Ship.
He soon became friends with the captain after saving the Captains life from pirates and winning their ship back. The captain made his first mate and soon he became captain of the Ship after the captain retired. He spent his whole life at sea and he loved every moment of it. He travelled the world and became one of the richest Captains ever to live.
One day after he arrived at a port he met and old Gypsy woman, she had not aged a day since he last saw her.
‘how did you know I would choose the right path?’ He asked her
‘because We would not be standing here talking if I didn’t already know you would choose the right path’ she said and let out a kind laugh
‘but why was the path so difficult at the beginning?’ he asked remembering the struggle he had to go through to get to the top of the hill that day
‘the greater the goal the greater the hardship will be to make us strong enough to attain that goal’ she said in an old and wise fashion
‘we must always do the work first then attain the riches after’ she said and headed towards the water
‘where are you going?’ he asked and she turned around, her dark cloths turned white and blue and he hair turned silver and flowed like the water. Her face turned young and beautiful. She looked like the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Her glowing white skin entranced him as he looked at her. And her blue eyes sparkled like droplets of heaven water…
She smiled and leapt into the water, he soon followed after and looked over the edge of the port and saw the water was glowing as she rose to the surface and looked at him.
‘who are you?’ he asked and she smiled
‘I am the Goddess of Water and I came to guide you here, it was your destiny to ride the Oceans and I have blessed you to be the best in the world Captain’ She said and then dove back into the water, her mermaids tail rose to the surface as she swam down to the Ocean floor and back home.
The Captain did become the Greatest Captain in the world, he discovered many lost treasures and a long lost island and was made famous for his actions. And he always told his crew of the Goddess of Water and strangely enough whoever heard the story believed him and that was because he was telling the truth. And in that port where he was first made cabin boy a statue was made of him and his name is known as legend in those parts. He became the hero and idle of the peoples of that region and even one hundred years after his death people talk of his great actions and they always look out for the mysterious Gypsy in hopes of meeting the Goddess of Water…

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