The Boy who likes the Rain

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Most people don't like getting caught in the rain, but as a young boy I used to love it. Things are different when it's raining and people do strange things. So this prose is a snapshot of a boy watching people and things when it's raining.

Puddles Mixed with Oil

The skies opened, rain beat on a tarmac road, puddles mixed with oil, beautiful colours wobbled as rain fell,
A man ran by with a newspaper over his head, his suit trousers stuck to his legs and his shoes squelched,
Cars drove past and into puddles splashing people at bus stops, some raised their fists in anger, some swore,
A leafy tree nearby drooped its branches as the weight of the water was too much, it looked good though.

Brown Paper Hat

A boy passed
with a brown paper carrier bag on his head, it was misshapen and looked like a chef’s hat,
Had a dog with him that stopped every now and again for a shake and soaked the boy, he didn’t care much,
I love the rain, I like getting wet, hair stuck to my head and water dripping down my face, down my collar,
And as the black clouds scudded overhead I felt good, everyone moaned, everyone had something to say.

A nice looking Woman

Thunder rolled in the distance and for a split second the world around me was so very bright, so real,
I’m told you can tell how far the lightning is away, by the flash and then counting, don’t know how though,
Rain turned into hail and stung my face as it hit, it bounced and settled on the tarmac for a few seconds,
And a nice looking woman walked quickly past, her clothes clinging to her soaked body, it looked good.

Peddle Car

So I stuck my wet hands in my pockets and started to walk home, a kids peddle car left in a front garden,
Wind blowing rain on my back now, jeans heavy and sagging down my waist, sweets in my pockets are wet,
The white paper twisted bag with my sherbet lemons turned to mush, all the sweets have been stuck together,
Probably get a smack round the ear when I get home for getting soaked, but I don’t care it’s been a lovely day.


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I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks Mark.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

So many of us had fun as kids playing in puddles and watching sticks flow down the streams they made on the sides of the roads, but as adults we forget.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

Good memories of childhood Terry ...but , would you say the same today if you got such a soaking my dear friend ?
Good to see you around again . I hope all is well with your family.
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Nov 2014 (#)

this is absolutely delightful Terry...thank you so much for such a heart filled piece and music video too...blessings...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

Puddles mixed with oil can a be a slippery cocktail for the unwary! I remember when I was in Indonesia heavy rains were celebrated with the not so young too running along the streets though I didn't see any women among them! Thanks Terry for celebrating nature than cursing the fury of nature as we are wont to do at times - siva

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author avatar Linda
16th Dec 2014 (#)

This was very interesting. I was a rain child and even up to when I was twenty upwards. I used to like nothing better than going out when there was a good douwnpour and getting soaked. Smelling the fresh rain on the pavements. Then I would go in dry off and have a bath and sip drinking chocolate

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author avatar Terry Trainor
28th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks for reading Linda, it's a good feeling.

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author avatar Jane flood
18th Feb 2016 (#)

Got me in touch with that glorious feeling of loving getting soaking wet in that hard rain that takes your breath away smashing all over you..plastered hair to head...big smile

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