The Bull

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Yes it was surprising how this animal deceived and the attacked from the rear

The Bull

There it was on can see its size in the moonlight
This animal was quite an imposing and very scary sight
It has a big head, long horns, bulging eyes and muscular neck
A body quite massive and there were some very powerful flanks

He had about five acres to be considered to be his very own
The other animals avoided him to them this was a terror zone
It stood there dominant proudly displaying his ownership of the territory
But one could not dispute that he was a picture of beauty

He let out a bellow my blood chilled and fear hit my bone’s core
It so scary it was very close to that of a lion’s roar
But was told that is tend to be more relaxed in the night
And so coming there to have a view would be just right

But it did something that really may my heart sank
It raised its head sniffed the air as though picking up a scent
Was it picking up that there was an intruder in its domain?
And will have to do something to its privacy there remain

My fears were relieved when is lowered its head and grazed some grass
Well at least I can relax and have that view of it in its habitat at last
Then to my surprise it ran off into the distance out of sight
So it would be difficult to follow no matter how bright moonlight

So now a bit cautious but relaxed now in the branch of the tree
But a thundering sound of hooves brought me back to reality
It had circle around and now was at the rear now this was real dread
It was heading straight for the tree and with a very low head

The first contact made such an impact that the whole tree shook
And it was more fear that kept me clinging on that all it took
But too my surprise someone else was in the tree too
So after that first butt was how I came to knew

It keep circling and butting and after each the tree shook more
This signified that it was yield and may soon hit the floor
Breathing hard and snorting and pounding its feet and bellowing
Another charge and now the tree was really rocking

Knowing now that it will not take too long before it is be flattened
Realizing the only savior would be that of a distract but how would this be possible
He took another stop and then another sniff of the air his eyes gleamed
A female came across the field her pheromones pulled him away from the scene


Bellow, Butt, Deception, Domain, Fear

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author avatar wonder
29th Jun 2013 (#)

How interesting.

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
30th Jun 2013 (#)

Can be terrifying

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