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Jared Quentin is a local disc jockey with his own morning radio program who takes calls from commuters to discuss music and celebrity gossip. But when a caller demands he play every song recorded by Air Supply in 24 hours or he will jump from their building . Can Jared do it in time?


Look for my new story coming soon-The Caller! The following is a synopsis of the story.

Jared Quentin is a local disc jockey with his own morning radio program. Every morning he takes calls from commuters to discuss music and celebrity gossip. Until one day he gets a call from a caller who demands he play every song performed by Air Supply or she will jump off the top of your building. The challenge is that the radio station has to play every song in 24 hours. Can Jared do it in time to prevent the caller from jumping off the building?

This is a preview of what's to come! I will be updating soon! So watch for additions soon!

Hope you all will enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Jared Quentin arrives at the local radio station ready to do his job as disc jockey for his morning radio program. He is getting bored by the usual callers asking him about the usual celebrity gossip. This goes on for 20 minutes. And Jared is falling asleep on his callers.

Until, one caller calls in with an unusual request…….

“Caller, you’re on the air.” Jared tells the caller.

“I have a request for you.” the caller says.

“What is it?” Jared perks up, curious as to the callers request.

“I want you to play every song by Air Supply in 24 hours.” The caller demands.

“That sounds easy.” Jared says.

“There’s one catch.”

“What’s that?”

“If you don’t succeed…….”

“What happens if I don’t succeed?” Jared wonders.

“I will jump from the top of your building.”

Jared’s jaw drop, “Well, I will make sure I meet this challenge.”

“Okay.” The caller says. “I’ll be listening all day.”

The caller hangs up and Jared asks his assistant for every record by Air Supply.

“Okay listeners, there you have it. We have a challenge. Can we play every song recorded by Air Supply in 24 hours before the caller jumps from the top of our building?”

Jaren puts the first record on the turntable, “Here you go listeners with the first Air Supply song, ‘Making Love Out of Nothing at All.’”

Chapter 2

Jared put on the first album by Air Supply, “Now and Forever” playing the following songs: “Now and Forever”, “Even the Nights Are Better”, “Young Love”, “Two Less Lonely People in the World”, “Taking the Chance”, “Come What May”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “She Never Heard Me Call”, and “What Kind of Girl”.

While the first album was playing, the caller called and thanked Jared for making the attempt to do what she asked.

Jared just hoped he could get more albums of Air Supply, because he only had one more. Staff was out searching for albums by Air Supply.

Even Heather, the receptionist, got into the groove and helped out.

As Jared put on the last album, “Hearts in Motion” with the songs: “It’s Not Too Late”, “Lonely Is the Night”, “Put Love In Your Life”, “One More Chance”, “Stars In Your Eyes”, “My Heart’s With You”, “I’d Die For You”, “You’re Only In Love”, “Time For Love”, Heart & Soul”, and “Hope Springs Eternal”, Heather and the station manager, Edward, came in with a few more albums to play.

“Thanks guys.” Jared said to Heather and Edward, as he took the albums from them.
“You’re welcome, Jared. We want you to succeed in this mission.”

After Jared got the albums, Heather went into the little girls’ room at the radio station to make a call…..


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