The Cemetery (Part 1)

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Jack Trim doesn't like visiting his Aunt Matilda very much. She lives in such a boring neighbourhood.
However this time, things would be different. If he had known what he would encounter, he probably wouldn't come but at the same time, he desperately would.

Arrival at Matilda's

During the weekend, my parents were taking a short trip to New York...without me. So, they decide to leave me with my Aunt Matilda for the weekend.
Now, I would have preferred going to New York then live with my aunt in a boring neighbourhood with no kids my age and a run-down cemetery down the road.
I want excitement! Not boredom!

How was I supposed to know that I would be getting more excitement than I had bargained for?

The Encounter

Aunt Matilda wrapped me in a crushing hug that expelled all the air out of me.
My parents stayed for a few minutes and then they bundled into their car and drove off.
I unpacked my bags in my room that was on the second floor of the two-storey house that was made of bricks which I felt would fall apart any minute.

Aunt Matilda thought that I should take a walk around the neighbourhood shops nearby. She said that I might find some shops I like.
Well, it definitely beats staying in this place. So, I took out some bills, stuffed them into my pocket and headed outside. I needed the fresh air.
The sun was going down as the sky was turning a dark purple.
I ran down the road, past the cemetery and into the market. There were very few people roaming about. It looked almost deserted.
I found a candy shop and purchased some candy bars and a Dr. Pepper can.
By the time I exited the market, the sky was nearly black.
I ran towards the house but when I passed the cemetery, I stopped dead in my tracks.
I heard a rustling sound from somewhere within the cemetery.

I felt reluctant entering the cemetry but at the same time, I wanted to see what the noise was.
I crept closer to the cemetery and saw something moving. It was really dark so I couldn't see who it was.
But then, I noticed something that appalled me.
Something was poking out of the ground and it was slowly rising.
And then as it rose, I realized that it had the shape of a human. The thing started to moan and groan. I realized that it was a dead man!
As I saw from behind the bush, the zombie began stumbling about as if disabled.
As I looked on, more zombies rose from the ground and began stumbling about the cemetery.

Without a sound, I ran away and didn't stop until I was safely inside Aunt Matilda's house.

Movie Scene

Aunt Matilda was sipping some drink when I barged in.
"Aunt Matilda!" I shouted. "There are zombies down there!"
I knew Aunt Matilda wasn't following what I was saying.
"What!" Aunt Matilda replied. "I don't understand!"
"Do you know about the cemetery down the road?" I asked her.
"Oh yes but that's--" she began.
I swear!" I interrupted. "I just saw people rising up from the graves. I saw zombies walking about." My voice had become a shrill whine.
"Dearie!" Aunt Matilda replied softly. "Don't worry. That cemetery isn't real."
"What!" I replied.
"I guess I should have told you earlier." Aunt Matilda began. "A bunch of directors are shooting a small scene of a film here. They built a fake cemetery for their movie and those 'zombies' you saw were just actors. But I can't believe you actually fell for it!" She began guffawing.
I did feel a bit stupid. I mean, zombies aren't real, right?

The Victim

The next day, I wanted to see the scene again. When evening settled, I ran out the door after informing Aunt Matilda.
I heard her call out to me but I was too far away to turn back then. I'll ask her what she was going to say after I get back.

By the time I reached the cemetery, I was out of breath. I hid behind a bush and waited for the scene.
After what seemed like an hour, it finally began.

First, hands poked out of the ground and as I expected, the humaniods appeared. I got a peek at one of their faces. An eyeball was missing and the flesh was hanging out of the empty socket. It's face was peeling off and there was a red line running down the side of its mouth.
I caught a glimpse of another zombie walking past. It was carrying something in its hand. Something big.
Looking closely at it, I realized it was a human.
It was a woman. She was unconscious, that I could tell. But I couldn't see her face at all. The zombie dragged the victim across the graveyard and as I watched, it began to sink into the ground.
What's even stranger is that the victim also sank down along with the zombie.
Within minutes, it was quiet again. The first zombie I had spotted had also disappeared.

When nothing else happened for a few more minutes, I assumed that the scene was over. So, I left the cemetery and travelled back up to the hill.
One thing puzzled me: Where are all the cameras?
Maybe they were hidden.

Relief...and Shocks

When I entered the house, the house was lit up but as I ran the perimeter of the house, I realized that Aunt Matilda wasn't here.
"Aunt Matilda!" I shouted. "Where are you?"
No reply.
I searched the house and called out her name but heard no reply.
Maybe she went to the market. I then remember that she was calling me when I left for the cemetery. She was probably telling me that was going to the market.

I felt pretty sleepy so I just changed into my pajamas and hopped into bed.
The next morning when I woke up, Mom and Dad had already arrived. When I came downstairs, I saw Aunt Matilda with them, sipping on some coffee.
After some hi's and hello's and a few hugs, I asked Aunt Matilda where she was last night and as I thought, she replied,
"I was at the market buying some groceries. I called out to you but you ran off so quickly."
"Oh," I sighed. She gave me quite a scare.
Aunt Matilda gave us all one last crushing hug before I jumped into the car with my parents.
As the car pulled out of the drive, I told my parents all I saw during my stay here.
But during the middle, my parents cut me off.
"Jack," Mom said. "What do you mean the cemetery isn't real?"
"That's what Aunt Matilda told me." I explained.
"Oh, she's probably joking with you. She has a dry sense of humor." Mom laughed.
"The cemetery is real, son." Dad explained, laughing along with Mom. "Take a look. We're passing by it now."
The cemetery didn't look so uninviting during the day.
There was a man standing near the entrance to the graveyard. He was waiting for something, it seemed.
Dad stopped the car next to him and pulled down the window.
"Is something going to happen?" he asked.
The man replied, "I'm awaiting a funeral. Sadly, an elder died of cardiac arrest."
"Oh, I'm sorry." Dad said, shaking his head. "Did any film makers arrive here to shoot a movie or something? My son here claims that a few did come."
"Not at all," the man replied. "No one shot a film here in years. I would have known if anything such happened."
Dad thanked the man and continued the journey home.
"See, son," Dad spoke up. "We told you the cemetery's real. And no one shot a movie here. Aunt Matilda sure got you!"
He and Mom began laughing but I was in no mood for that at all.
Instead, questions formed in my mind:
If the cemetery is real, then why did Aunt Matilda say otherwise? Why did she lie to me? Did she also lie to me about going to the market late at night? Is she hiding something?
And if no movie was being filmed, who were those zombies I saw earlier? Who was that victim? Was it all...real?
I took one last look at the cemetery before it disappeared out of view.

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author avatar DevikaPrimic
11th Nov 2010 (#)

secrets are often revealed

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author avatar SiddiQ
11th Nov 2010 (#)

Secrets? If you're talking about the story secrets, then part two shall reveal them. Thanks!

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author avatar ppruel
13th Nov 2010 (#)

Jack's wishes were granted. And had encountered the excitements. More excitements to come, I suppose...

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author avatar SiddiQ
13th Nov 2010 (#)

Yes, more perilious excitements!

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author avatar Denise O
15th Nov 2010 (#)

I am off to part two.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
16th Nov 2010 (#)

You welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Nov 2010 (#)

I shall read on to the following parts.

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author avatar SiddiQ
30th Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks for stopping by, Mark!

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author avatar christopheranton
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Very good. Very scary.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Dec 2010 (#)


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