The Cemetery (Part 2)

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Micheal and Eleen Drake are visiting their grandparents in the quiet town of Kayeek, the same town where Jack claimed he experienced zombies in a graveyard. Jack was reassured that it was just a movie scene and the graveyard was just a prop but later on, he finds out from the undertaker that there was no movie being filmed and the graveyard was real.
Now, lets see if Micheal and Eleen make any progress.

The Strange Marks

Note: To read Part One, click here

I watched as Matilda's nephew, Jack left the quiet town of Kayeek. He seemed like a decent fellow. I didn't know him but I did see him around the markets alot of times.

This is the first time I'm visiting this town, Kayeek. I met our neighbour Matilda once and she was a very kind woman. My sister, Eleen and I are staying at our grandparents house for the week. I wouldn't call this place fun but it isn't exactly bad either. The markets here are cool and so are the parks.

Eleen and I were eating breakfast in the garden while our grandparents were inside doing chores or something.
There was a graveyard between our houses and the markets downhill.
Eleen often wondered why thery built houses around the graveyard.
"Well, what harm could the cemetery do?" I had said. "All it can do is scare people. Nothing else."

That evening, Eleen and I decided to take a short walk out to the market. Well, mainly because there was nothing else to do in the house.
We walked out of the house and down the hill.
As we passed the graveyard, I noticed small marks on the soft dirt ground.
They were caved in, as if there was a hole underneath it all.
"What are you looking at?" Eleen asked, stopping.
"Nothing." I said, not tearing my eyes away from the marks.
We both continued our path the down the road.

The Sturdy Figure

On our way to the park, I spotted Matilda seated on a chair in her backgarden. She just sat there...motionless.
"What's Matilda doing?" I whispered.
"She immobile." replied Eleen. "I have no idea what she is doing there?"
We passed by her and entered the park.
The park here in Kayeek is pretty small. Just a tree, a patch of grass, a small swing and two benches.
The moment we neared a bench, Eleen sat down on one of them and spread her legs.
"I am tired!" she lamented.

It began to grow dark by the time we decided leave. The night had almost already settled.
Matilda wasn't there in her backgarden. I saw her leaving through her front door. Then at a fast pace, she followed the pathway down the hill. We tried catching up to her to greet her but then we saw she was heading towards the graveyard.
Eleen was tired and so she proceeded towards home but I wanted to see what Matilda was doing.
I didn't want to spy on her but my curiousity got the better of me. She stopped at the entrance of the graveyard and began speaking with the undertaker. I couldn't hear them because they were sort of whispering to each other.

Suddenly, they stopped talking and entered the graveyard.
A fog had settled inside the graveyard and out of that fog, a third figure emerged.
It was already dark so I couldn't make out the the face of the person. But I could make out its silhouette. It was a sturdy form but the figure was leaning a little to the left as if it had a problem in its shoulder.
Once again, a quiet conversation struck up between them.
I kept focusing my gaze on the third figure. I tried making out the face but to no avail.
They conversion soon ended and they disappeared into the fog.
The fog began to thin out a bit and when I was able to see through it, I saw to my shock that they were nowhere to be seen. Matilda, the undertake and the sturdy figure had vanished!
But where could they go? The cemetery isn't very large and the only entrance and exit point was at the front of the graveyard. If they had left, I would've seen them.
So where did they go?

Plan X9

The next morning, I told Eleen what happened the previous night. At first, she thought I was messing with her but then I managed to convince her.
She also wondered what had happened to the trio.
"She probably had some errand to run or maybe she was paying a tribute to a friend buried in the cemetery." Eleen suggested.
"It may seem so," I said. "But doing so at night seems a bit odd. She could have done it during the day."
"Well, I dont want to get involved." Eleen added.
Maybe she doesn't, I thought. But I want to.
More importantly, I wanted to know who that third person was I saw at the graveyard.
I decided to sneak out again same night. I decided not to tell Eleen and I didn't have to worry about Grandpa Killian and Grandma May because they were heavy sleepers.
So when it was about ten and everyone had retired to bed, I decided to make the move.
After triple checking on everyone, I snuck out the backdoor and made sure that it was closed.
The moon was bright and it provided a ray of silver light along the path. I ran down the deserted path until I caught site of the spiked walls of the graveyard.
I slowed my pace and hid behind a bush.

Almost instantly, I spotted Matilda at the gate. The undertaker was with her.
They both slowly and silently advanced towards the tombstones. The fog was very thin so everything was clear to me.
Matilda and the undertaker stopped in front of a tombstone. They waited for at least five minutes when something began to happen.
An almost silent rumbling sound began to occur. I noticed the dirt in front of the tombstone where the duo were standing began to change.
And then, as I gazed in horror, something began to protrude from the ground. It looked like a head!
It slowly began to rise from the ground. It was a human figure. But it looked far from human. It looked more like a zombie.
The head was covered in scars and I thought I had seen worms on his face. I noticed its face was rotting away. A bit of his shoulder was missing which forced him to lean to the right. A chunck of his cheek fell to the ground with a splat.
Its legs seemed fine though.
They began a conversation and this time, I heard it all.
"Are you both done?" spoke the zombie with a rough tone.
"Yes, Captain," replied Matilda. "We have taken alot of townies here and brought them to the Under. Luckily, no suspicion has been aroused because we have taken all family members of every victim as well."
"Matilda's nephew almost figured out the whole thing so Ma'aj here told him that it was just a movie scene," added the undertaker. "It would have worked but this graveyard's undertaker almost blew it when he told Jack that the graveyard was real and that no movie was being filmed here. But I took care of him."
Ma'aj? I thought, confused. Who's Ma'aj? I thought it was Matilda. And what is the undertaker talking about? Isn't he the undertaker?
"Well done, Ma'aj and Sha'ank." congratulated the captain. "Soon, the Army of the Under will be complete. Plan X9 will soon be put into action."
What is Plan X9? I wondered.
"But we need to keep the Resurrection Modem safe." the captain added. "We need it to live."
"It's safe underground." Matilda, or Ma'aj assured.

I began to notice another disturbance in the dirt. As I expected, another form rose from the ground.
This form too was a zombie and he was wearing a a helm. He possessed a hunched back and he held something. It looked like a stick.
He stood behind the captain.

I heart began thumping very fast. I thought it might explode.
I tried backing away but my feet kicked a rock which rolled down the hill.
"What was that?" I heard the captain ask suddenly. "Check it out."
I heard footsteps running towards me and before I could react, the helmeted zombie spotted me behind the bushes.
"There's a boy here!" rasped the zombie.
"Get him!" ordered the captain.
I heard rumblings from within the graveyard. Reinforcements were arriving!

I immediately took off with the helmeted zombie fast behind me.

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author avatar Denise O
15th Nov 2010 (#)

Nice place to stop...for now.
Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
16th Nov 2010 (#)

Glad you liked it. :)

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author avatar ppruel
18th Nov 2010 (#)

hehehe, you injected more fears and tensions. the story is alive. you already applied the 3 important elements: dialogue, action and thought. i am now heading to part 3.

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author avatar SiddiQ
18th Nov 2010 (#)


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Nov 2010 (#)

Great story, I am off to read part 3

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author avatar SiddiQ
30th Nov 2010 (#)


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author avatar christopheranton
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Part too is very scary as well.
Your powers of description are excellent.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Well appreciated!

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