The Cemetery (Part 3)

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Jack Trim got another chance to visit Kayeek again after his parents got called off to another business meeting in New York.
The issue concerning the graveyard has been bothering him ever since he heard that no movie was being filmed there as he was told by Aunt Matilda.
Now, Jack returns to Kayeek, hoping to solve this deepening mystery.

Back To Kayeek

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Even though I didn't enjoy visiting Kayeek, my experience two days back there enhanced my curiosity. So, when my parents announced that I would have to spend another four days at Aunt Matilda's, I was secretly eager to go back.
There were not many people roaming outside the town of Kayeek. When we neared the graveyard, a dreadful chill ran down my spine. It's as if I could surmise that something bad was going to happen.
When we neared Aunt Matilda's house, my parents dropped me off at her front door and I saw Aunt Matilda waving at me from inside, smiling.
My parents stayed for a few minutes and then left for New York once again.
"So, back in Kayeek." Aunt said.
"Yeah," I replied. "My parents had to go to another business meeting in New York.
"Did they finish making the movie you told me about that day." I added.
"Yes, they finished yesterday," Aunt Matilda explained. "It was quite a terrifying movie."
Then she added, "There were kids involved in it."

Pursuing Aunt Matilda

I couldn't go to sleep that night.
I had to go unravel the mystery of the cemetery. Aunt Matilda said the cemetery was fake. But according to my parents and the graveyard undertaker, the cemetery was real and there was no movie being filmed there.

It was almost midnight when I heard footsteps downstairs. I decided to conceal my fear and check it out.
As I slowly proceeded towards the stairs, I caught a glimpse of Aunt Matilda's silhouette walking towards the front door.
Where is she going?
I wanted to follow her, see where she was going. Something weird is definitely going on here.

As Aunt Matilda exitted the house, she had closed the door. I waited for a minute or two and then I slowly opened the door. Aunt Matilda was already walking down the road. I followed in close pursuit but made sure that I stayed behind some tall bushes.
As I expected, she stopped at the graveyard.
But the moment I stopped, I felt strong hands grab me from behind.

A Great Shock and A Great Chance

"Find something you like?" a raspy voice sounded from above me.
Whoever held me forced me still so I couldn't see who my captor was.
Aunt Matilda appeared through the dark shadows, accompanied by the graveyard undertaker.
"Aunt Matilda?" I shouted. "What's going on?"
"Aunt Matilda?" she replied in an odd voice, almost inhuman. "Who is Aunt Matilda?"
Then her eyes popped open and she pointed at herself.
"Oh, you mean me?" she exclaimed. "Jack! Your Aunt Matilda died weeks ago!"
"What!" I softly exclaimed. "But you--"
"I am not Aunt Matilda." she exclaimed. "I am Ma'aj. I killed Aunt Matilda weeks ago and assumed her form by skinning her and wearing it over me. Of course I don't have to worry about the smell. We zombies have no nose anymore!"
"Aunt Matilda's...dead?" I asked, tears forming in my eyes.
"I knew it. The graveyard isn't a set up. It's real." I finally caught on. "There was no movie filming here either."
Ma'aj was silent for a few seconds.
"Call the captain." she instructed the undertaker, or at least that's who I think it was.
The undertaker nodded and left for the graveyard.
"You know," Ma'aj began. "We've had another snitch like you just your age. His name was Micheal and he also spied on us. We spotted him and chased him but he got away. But who's going to believe him?"
A dog began to bark in the distance.
Soon, another dog joined it.
The barking began to grow louder.
Minutes later, I saw lights flash on in a house.
"People are waking up!" said my captor.
"Let's get out of here." Ma'aj suggested.
I noticed my captor's grip on my began to loosen. A dead man's bones aren't very strong, right?

I raised my foot and stomped down on my captor's instep. It broke with a crack.
He screeched and let me go. I turned around and saw that my captor was a zombie. I mean a complete zombie! He had just one eye. His clothes were all torn too.
But I didn't have time to look at his full appearance. I ran away from them and began shouting at the top of my lungs, "Help! Help!"
The dogs began to bark louder.
"Get that kid!" Ma'aj screamed.
"Help!" I shouted again. "Danger!"
I heard voices. A few people even came out to investigate. That's when they saw the zombies.
"What the hell!" a man shouted.
"They are trying to invade this town!" I shouted.
There was a policeman amongst the townies and he blew his whistle.
"Halt!" he instructed the zombies.
But the zombies ran the other way, towards the graveyard.
For a zombie, they ran pretty fast.
"Get them!" a person from the crowd shouted.
Roars ran throughout the crowd as they chased the zombies.
I wanted to see what would happen so I ran after them.
I heard sirens in the distance.
I saw the zombies reach the graveyard with the mob very close behind.
And then, I saw the undertaker rise from the soft dirt ground along with another malformed zombie. I was pretty sure it was the captain as that's who Ma'aj wanted to see.
Ma'aj and the zombie guard gestured towards the duo to retreat back underground.
I saw them stop in the cemetery and I noticed them slowly sinking towards the ground.
I just hoped the mob would get to them before they sink all the way underground.
The undertaker and the captain made it all the way though but Ma'aj and the other zombie were caught by the mob. The mob surrounded them and then I had no idea what happened.

I heard footsteps behind and whirled around to find a kid my age running towards me.
"They'll finally believe me." he sighed.
"What?" I asked, confused.
"I saw those zombies a few days ago." he explained. "It may sound crazy but--"
"Wait!" I stopped. "Are you Micheal?"
"Yeah," he said. "But how did you know?"
"Those zombies captured me and they mentioned you." I explained.
"I recognize you." Micheal suddenly explained. "You're Aunt Matilda's nephew."
"I was her nephew?" I said sadly. "Those zombies killed her a long time ago. One of them used her skin to impersonate Aunt Matilda."
"I'm sorry about this." Micheal said. "But I'm afraid I have worse news."
I nodded.
"These zombies have an entire army underneath the graveyard. They call it the Army of the Under." Micheal explained. "The captain spoke about executing Plan X9. I don't know what it is but I can tell it is bad.
"But I also overheard them talking about the Resurrecting Modem. They said they needed it to survive as zombies. So, maybe if it is destroyed, this whole conflict would end."


I found out the next morning that the mob had torn Ma'aj and her companion to pieces.
It was kind of strange sleeping at Aunt Matilda's alone. I felt isolated without her.

Micheal had spread the word about the zombies plan. If he was right about the zombies then he was also probably right about the rest.
Preparations were made to resist the zombies. Reinforcements had arrived after convincing them the zombies were real.
I began to have doubts about this. What if the zombies had a strong army?
The non-combatants were to hide in the two-storey markets nearby.

Several questions shook my mind:
Where did the zombies come from? Who is the captain? How large is the Army of the Under?
And most importantly, what is Plan X9?

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author avatar Denise O
17th Nov 2010 (#)

Hmmmm, I'm sure you will answer these questions for us.
Just a few typos to be changing my friend.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
17th Nov 2010 (#)

I knew I left a few typos somewhere! Thanks! Yes, these questions shall be answered!

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author avatar ppruel
18th Nov 2010 (#)

we are almost near the climax. after all jack had learned that aunt matilde is already dead but he did not leave the place. i am suspecting jack has a plan for revenge...

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author avatar SiddiQ
18th Nov 2010 (#)

Believe me, Jack isn't the only one ;)

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author avatar ppruel
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

and maybe the whole townfolks have the same fight back with the zombies!

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author avatar SiddiQ
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

You'll see. The final part reveals it all.

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author avatar Carol
20th Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks for the share.

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author avatar SiddiQ
21st Nov 2010 (#)

You welcome!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Nov 2010 (#)

spooky, off to part four now... the links sure make it handy!

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author avatar SiddiQ
30th Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks for the idea for the links. They do save tome searching it up. :)

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author avatar christopheranton
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Better and better.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you ;)

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author avatar Retired
13th Jan 2011 (#)


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author avatar SiddiQ
13th Jan 2011 (#)


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