The Cemetery (Part 4)

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A great battle is at hand! The whole town of Kayeek is now aware of the enormous conflict that originated from the cemetery. But the probably with zombies is that they're dead. And once they're dead, they cannot die again.

The Surprise Attack

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I still remember Eleen's face when she realized I was right about the zombies.
After Ma'aj and her zombie companion were mauled by the mob, I told them all I heard about their plan. Of course, they had to believe me after seeing those zombies.

More than half the town, including me, Eleen and Jack had to take shelter in those big shelter houses near the back of the town. I saw many armed policemen and volunteers running hither and thither, preparing themselves. I had no idea how there were going to manage this. They don't even know when the zombies were going to attack or how to raid their hideout.

Night was slowly approaching and the darker it got, the more frightened I became. Eleen cuddled up against me. My grandparents were on either side of me. There were guards outside the door.
I took a look at the backgarden. The flowers were so beautiful, the moonlight was making the grass shine because of the due. It reflected beauty everywhere.
But no one could take the time to enjoy it.
I felt sorry for Jack. The zombies had killed his Aunt Matilda weeks ago but he just found out yesterday from the impersonating Aunt Matilda who was actually Ma'aj.
"Micheal," Jack whispered. "If Ma'aj could've impersonated Aunt Matilda, then how do we know that none of these people here are also zombies in disguise.
I really wished Jack hadn't told me that. Now, I felt even more uncomfortable.
I glared at Jack but then I heard screeching.
Out of the corner of my eye, one of the refugees suddenly got up and began attacking the others. Screams erupted!
"It's a zombie!" someone shouted. Looks like Jack's 'theory' was correct.
A few people tried overpowering the zombie but I knew that when there is one zombie, others aren't far behind.
When I took a look at the back garden, I noticed marks being dug into the ground. Something was happening.
"They're coming from the garden!" Eleen shouted. My eyes widened in fright. We ran towards the entrance but they burst open and the guards entered. They drew out their weapons and fired at the lone zombie. But all it did was force it a back a few steps.
Byt his time, more zombies emerged from the backgarden...and these ones were armed!
"Oh damn!" a guard shouted. Then he shouted into his walkie-talkie. "We need help at the shelter houses! They've come from the gardens from the ground! It's an ambush!"

Battle of Kayeek

Hell had broken out! People ran hither and thither, trying to escape the pursuing zombies as gunfire broke out.
I grabbed Eleen and immediately ran out, closely followed by Jack.
"Wait, Jack!" Eleen shouted. "What about Grandpa and Grandma?"
I forgot about them! But then I saw them exit and briefly sighed with relief.
"Oh no!" Jack shouted.
I turned to where he stared and saw zombies crawling the place. They must've emerged from within the shelter houses!
People took up sticks and any weapons they could find and began battling the armoured Army of the Under. Gunshots rang up everywhere but I knew these zombies wouldn't go down so easily. People ran everywhere and as a result, I couldn't see my grandparents anywhere. I tried calling out to them but the only response I got was more screaming.
Most of the zombies were already engaged in combat so we easily ran away from the battleground.
The moon was shining brightly and the way it shone on the fighters, the whole scenario seemed like a whole movie.
"Where do we go?" Jack shouted.
"Let's go near the police stations," i suggested. I don't know why I suggested that. I couldn't think straight.
As we ran towards the nearest police stations, we ran into a small garden on the way. But as we ran across it, I stopped. Something was grabbing my leg. I looked down and gasped when I saw that I was being pulled down into the dirt. I was sinking!
Eleen and Jack were in the same predicament.
"What's going on?" I exclaimed.
"We're being sunk n." Jack replied.
I was already down to my waist.
Tears ran down Eleen's face.
My legs began feeling light. I was now down to my neck. Soon enough, my head went under to and everything went black.

The Bigger Plan

Everything went blank for only a second. I felt myself falling down. But then, I hit hard ground with a large thud.
Jack and Eleen fell landed right next to me. I looked up from where we fell from. There was a small hole on the roof. I briefly spotted the sky outside but then the hole covered up itself.
"Where are we?" Eleen wondered.
"I think I know," replied Jack. "This is where those zombies came from. The ground we stood upon must've been extremely soft."
The whole place looked like a cave but with yellow lights lining the whole tunnel. It kind of resembled a gold mine.
I could hear the screaming of people above me. It grew louder.

A piece of paper nailed against the wall caught my eye. The heading was written in big letters which read, "Plan X9.

There was something else written on the paper:
"Order of the Under. Any town invaded by the Army of the Under was to be cleared of any resistance. Then, the Lleh Bombs would be placed in the town and would detonate shortly afterwards, sending out a wave of Lleh covering a large radius. Anyone caught in the Lleh wave would experience an irreversible genetic change and therefore shall mutate and serve the Army of the Under, thus increasing it and making it all the more powerful."

"So, this is Plan X9." I sighed.
"Do you think these...Lleh Bombs are already active?" Jack asked.
"I don't think so," I said. "According to this paper, the Lleh bombs are only to be activated once resistance had been annihilated. There are still fighters up there so I doubt it's safe for the Lleh bomb to stay up there."
"But where is the bomb?" Eleen asked.
I couldn't say anything because I heard heavy footsteps advancing towards us.
"Run!" I whispered.
Our feet made soft thuds as we ran the opposite way. I just hoped that wouldn't alert anyone.
We passed a hallway and hid in the corner.
The footsteps had vanished.
We turned around and saw ourselves in a big empty illuminated room. There was a small object lying in the center of the room. That was all. The rest of the room was empty.
"What is that?" I wondered.
"You don't think it's the Resurrecting Modem do you?" Jack suggested.
"Maybe it is." I said.
"You're right." someone said from behind. "It is."
We turned around to see the zombie captain grinning at us, flanked by two zombies armed with crossbows.

A Brief Scuffle

"Yes, that is the Resurrecting Modem," repeated the captain. "It is what is keeping us alive."
"Why are you doing this?" Eleen screamed. "Why?"
"We want what every other evil icon wants: Domination." the captain explained.

I kept my eye on the Modem. If I could just reach it, this whole conflict would been over.
One zombie stepped forward, keeping his crossbow trained on us. The second one stayed behind the captain and it had its crossbow lowered towards the ground.

"What are you going to do with us?" Jack asked.
"Well," the captain thought hard. "We can't leave you just like that. Why not make you part of the Under?"
No way! I thought. I have to find a way to get out of here.
The captain turned to his companions. "Take them to the cave down the slope until the Lleh bomb detonates." he ordered. "Then we can make them into one of us."

One of the zombies stepped forward and led us towards the entrance of the cave. I noticed that he too had his crossbow lowered. So as I passed the second unsuspecting zombie, I made my move.

Before the zombies could react, I snatched the bow from the waiting zombie and activated it. The arrow struck the zombie's foot and broke part of it away, causing the zombie to collapse...but not die.
The other one moved to aim his crossbow at me but as I had hoped, Jack tackled the him to the floor and snatched his crossbow. He swung it down on the zombie's thighs, breaking them away and disabling them completely.
He then aimed the crossbow at the captain who stood at the entrance of the hallway.
I moved closer to the Resurrecting Modem. The duo of fallen zombies groaned and moaned but remained stationary.
"You think you can win?" the captain laughed.
"We have disabled your guards." Jack reminded him.
"Doesn't matter." the captain replied. "More will arrive here in minutes."

Suddenly, Jack released the hold on the arrow and it flew with a whoosh, impaling the captain through the forehead. The force was so strong, it blew off the captain's head. The body fell down with a thud. It didn't move. Jack then reloaded the crossbow using the quiver from one of the fallen zombies.
"Destroy the Resurrecting Modem!" Jack shouted. "Before more arrive."
I ran towards the Modem. It was just a black square object that was no bigger than the palm on your hand.
But just as I neared it, I heard a roar.

Battle With the Undertaker

The undertaker stumbled in towards the entrance of the cave. However, half his face was already peeled off. It was all clean bones. One of his eye sockets were empty. It was just a black hole.
He grunted as he moved forward.
Jack fired an arrow at him but as it impaled him through the forehead, he just removed it from his forehead and threw it away. There was a little hole on his forehead where the arrow impaled him.
The impact had caused him to stumble but he gained his hold on the ground.

He suddenly charged at Jack and tackled him to the ground. Jack began screaming in shock. I ran past the two and ran towards the other crossbow. I reloaded it and aimed carefully at the zombie. But the two kept moving and it was hard to aim properly.
But I soon managed to get a shot and the speedy arrow blew the zombie off Jack.
Jack got up with just a slight tear on his shirt.

I was so focused on the undertaker, I had forgotten about the other two zombies and their headless captain. It was their groans that reminded me of them.
They were also starting to get up.
"Micheal, quick!" Eleen shouted. "Destroy the Modem!"
I quickly aimed at the Modem but the undertaker rammed his heavy torso into me, extracting all the air out of my lungs.
The crossbow fell out of my hand and landed just a few feet away from me.
I kicked the zombie off me and ran for the crossbow.
The other zombies were closing in fast. Without wasting time, I aimed at the Modem and fired the arrow.

A Final Attempt

The Modem broke in two as soon as the arrow struck it. There was a little 'powering down' sound as the Modem broke.

But before I coud move,the undertaker rushed at me and sank his teeth in my shoulder. I screamed in pain.
How come it didn't work? I thought. With the Modem no longer functional, these zombie were supposed to drop dead.
I heard Eleen scream. I tried shouting out to her but the undertaker sank his teeth deeper into my shoulder. My voice was caught in my throat.

But then, his force on my shoulder began to loosen.
"It's working," I heard Jack shout. "They're falling dead."
The pain began to fade away. Using what strength I had, I pushed the undertaker off me. He fell to the floor with a thud.
I looked at the rest of the 'inactive' zombies around me. The screaming above had subsided too.
It was over.

A Walk to the Cemetery

We ran to the place where we had dropped down from in the first place.
We began to scream at the top of our lungs.
Soon enough, that got someone's attention who then managed to open the hole on the soft ground.
A ladder was brought down to hoist us up.
My grandparents wrapped me in a bear hug for about five minutes. I was just glad they were safe. But the whole town was littered with bodies of zombies and dead mortals.

Jack's parents had arrived just a few minutes after the whole conflict was over and they wrapped him in hugs and kisses. But they also mourned Matilda's death though they never found her body.
Cheers had rung throughout the whole town.
I took a small walk past the cemetery. I stared at tombstones standing erect from the ground.
I stared at the dirt and something poking out from the dirt caught my eye.
It was a hand!
Yes, it was!
And then in a flash, it quickly sank back to the ground.


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author avatar ppruel
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

part 4 is really so scary but has a nice ending...

the zombies were using high tech weapons!


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author avatar SiddiQ
23rd Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks for goin with me through the series! ;)

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author avatar christopheranton
4th Dec 2010 (#)

You are brilliant in the way you have all the twists added in.
The story just draws you in.
It's a pity it's over.
Can we have some more please.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Dec 2010 (#)

if you want to read more, I have an article titled 'The Inheritence'. In the end of that article, I've linked all my stories there. And there will be future stories :)
Thanks for the comments and through the whole Cemetery series.

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