The Challenge of Organizing against capitalism

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Organizing for change and challenging the capitalist system are two of the toughest challenges facing the working people of the world and the truth is you do need to invest in change, be a part of it, advocate for it, fight for it, begin by fighting in every forum where this is possible. Invoking change will be one of the greatest challenges in the whole history of humanity.

Part 9 - Invoking Change

It is important that we invoke the need for change in society now, with the incurable ills of capitalism the need for change has never been so urgent, yet how we organize and bring about lasting change is vital because it is necessary for the good of everyone, not just a small clique.

This series has discussed the need for great change in society and as such it is best you start from the beginning if you have not read any of the preceding parts, each gives the background to this vital section about organizing against the capitalist class and bringing about lasting change.

In reading this series of articles then you will have seen discussion on the value of true democracy, the bankrupt capitalist regime and the need to protect the rights of the individual or minority groups and these components must be remembered in respect of the struggle to change society.

Social Policies

A hundred years ago this discussion of how to organize against capitalism would have been much more straightforward as fledgling social democratic parties had embodied within them many socialist principles and had been able to lead a fight for social change, yet today these parties have proven themselves incapable of removing the outdated capitalist system. Today there certainly are socialist parties but most operate as small cliques and use terms most modern people do not understand (e.g. proletariat or bourgeoisie) almost as if they were talking in code and truth is that most working people today run from these parties because they are not grounded in reality and these parties wouldn't recognize when the conditions are ripe for change as they are right now.

Today, more than ever before, social change is needed and the important question is how to bring it about, moreover how to build the political will and leadership, the focus of this message.

As has been previously stated the conservative block are the first party of capitalism, substituted by either liberals or social democracy whenever it is necessary to appease the populous. Because of this building a real party of the people that is independent of the capitalist regime and fights for all our democratic rights seems quite a challenge.

Tasks for True Democrats

The task of True Democrats can be stated simply, but is the toughest challenge mankind has ever faced. The task is the overthrow of capitalism, but the key question is how? As stated in the prior article this system is like a phoenix that rises from its ashes. Have you seen the TV program about the dodgy builder that closes his business to re-start under a new name, but they are a new business and have nothing to do with the old one even though they are at the same address, have the same employees etc., well consider that level of corruption on a worldwide basis where the government also protects the guilty that is the problem faced today, capitalism is bankrupt, yet it is protected by a system the people trust, the system of government; hence stating that this is the toughest challenge mankind has EVER faced, yet it is only by joint action of the working peoples of each nation, working together with a common internationalist focus will it be possible to defeat the capitalist class.

Consider the fact that three percent of the population control more than 80 percent of the economy in any country in the world and it is possible to see the scale of the problem and to make matters worse less than zero point three percent control 60 percent of the world's economy, such is the scale of business globalization, which should highlight more than ever in the past the need for common action on a worldwide basis.

Action is required on a unified front to bring about lasting change and the end of the corrupt capitalist system yet is there any organization capable of bringing revolutionary change today? People power is required to bring about true democracy.

Nationalism not the answer

Because capitalism is international in nature it should be clear that the fightback is also international in character yet it will be fought on many fronts depending on the prevailing issues in each nation, yet it is rare to find issues that are not common to every nation across this globe. Nationalist and "buy local" campaigns are not the answer because every economy has suffered job losses and poverty, no matter how your national economy seems to be oppressed by imperialism the truth is this is happening everywhere even in the so called imperialist nations.

It is true that the former colonial countries have changed dramatically since the end of the second world war yet despite all the advances they are very much dominated by imperialism and even where they have broken free many of these regimes have become jingoistic nationalistic in nature offering no way out for the poor toiling masses these places have a far higher mountain to climb especially with a mounting debt crisis which never incurred by normal everyday people but by the capitalist class as a way of funding their need for profit.

Organizing for Democratic Change

Ultimately it is necessary to fight to bring an end to capitalism, not through violent revolution and civil war but through a quiet revolution, one that builds on the needs of the people and is obtained democratically. To achieve this "The People" have to be heard and must take control of society, yet in order to achieve this they must organize and build a leadership that is capable of defeating the capitalist class at every level.

Yet the question of how is a very important one. As mentioned before ideally this would be through the parties that support socialist change, yet the truth is there are nothing but a few small groups dotted around. Any worker's organization should be open to ideas of change, yet for example trade unions today are tied to the capitalist system any only seek to improve things for their members within the limited confines of this system and whilst there are occasions where it is crucial to work with them they are incapable of bringing widespread change. The same goes for both social democratic and liberal parties, they are so attuned to tinkering with the system but are incapable of empowering the people to bring real change and sweeping away a moribund system, but again in is also necessary to work with these organizations to publicize more radical alternatives that are needed.

In countries like the United States there are no liberal or social democratic parties so it will be required to fight for change through the most forward looking party of capitalism, The Democrats, yet recognize that brings challenges because of the fact that party is not geared towards social change and is funded by rich benefactors, some of the very people who power needs to be taken away from so ultimately it will be necessary to create a party of working people with the right leadership that is committed to change yet in reality the rest of the world only has parties that appear committed to providing change for the benefit of working peoples but are incapable of providing real change, so the real challenge globally building a party that is committed to revolutionary change.

Revolutionary Challenge

Therefore, with these challenges in mind, it is necessary to take the bull by the horns and create a revolutionary organization that has the right level of leadership that can bring about change, organized on a global scale, yet flexible in each country where it works, yet sharing as its key aim the international organization that brings capitalism to an end, a flexible yet unified approach. Ultimately we must work with any organization that supports the need for change even though we may not agree on the extent of change necessary.

Bringing an end to capitalism requires revolutionary change, yet the foundation for true democracy and socialized control of the means of production exists within our society today yet if the capitalist class are not ousted then we will continue to face a corrupt system that is run for the benefit of the few rather than be able to advance humanity towards civilization the leap is a tough one to make yet we have to build an organization capable of challenging capitalism with great urgency, a new party that genuinely supports the needs working people of the world and builds a movement on a united front across the globe.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

another piece of importance thank you..

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

The world is a crazy place, I do think Capitalism could have worked if people used it to benefit everyone rather than themselves only.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

You spell it out clearly Grant. Keep it up. People need to be educated before they will be moved to take action.

I would suggest people check out the work of Jacques Fresco, who lays out in specific terms how we can move from the present death-dealibg economic system into what he calls a "resource-based society," where the resources of the planet are not "owned" by anybody, but are made available to all equally. People should also check out the movie "Zeitgeist" which shows how Fresco's vision can be implemented.

Keep up the great work, Grant, and thank you.

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author avatar Grant Peterson
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Steve, thank you for your contribution, I am however not convinced that Fresco's vision is the right way to go, but this is not the place for such an analysis.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

Great work pointing out what needs to be done and the size of the problem. But we are sheep, Grant, we must be led by the nose with pretty pictures and pretty promises of cake and bread. Congress eliminated the bottom tax bracket which will cost my family over $1000 bucks this year. Yes, the likelihood is that we will get it back when we file our tax return, but $1000 for 8 or 9 months times every working man or woman in America equals quite a nice interest-free loan US citizens are handing over to the government. And it is not screaming from the headlines here. The POTUS is sweet-talking about equal pay for woman and some feel-good legislation that isn't worth the parchment it's being written on and may even hurt women's opportunities for getting hired while the actual money disappears. Life is full of smoke and mirrors.

(Sorry for the soap box. Think of it as other topics you can write about as you call for change. My grass roots efforts are feeble and mired in the geography of the Bible Belt conservatives. .)

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author avatar Grant Peterson
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Phyl, everyone has a right to the soapbox for a few minutes. These sorts of problems you discuss always hit the lowest paid, which is why there is such a gulf between the working people of America and all on Capitol Hill, the working people of the USA have no political voice and this needs to end now.

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author avatar wonder
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

A change is urgently needed, how long will the ills be tolerated?

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author avatar Grant Peterson
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

One of the problems is that people have been tolerating the ills of the capitalist system far too long and worst of all the very people that suffer the most from it - working people - are sometimes the most conservative.

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author avatar snerfu
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Change is always good if it has a positive impact and benefits people all around. Nice article.

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