The Chinese are invading!!! Stop them!!! They'll... do somethingorother!!!

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I've always associated the Chinese with positive things. Chinese food, yummy! Affordable Chinese manufactured clothing! Chinese shops that sell very, very interesting items, from electronics to housewares to whatever else. I have and use probably about 99 per cent Chinese manufactured items in my daily life.

The Chinese are invading!!! Stop them!!! They'll... do somethingorother!!!

So anyway, that house Father and Mother have in Fireton Estates, was then finally being rented by that estate agent's Chinese client. Nothing funny about that. Or so we thought.

Fast forward to Father getting a call while he, Mother and I are driving in the car.

It's one of Father's business colleagues. He shares with Father that there's a buzz all over Fireton Estates about these Chinese moving into Fireton Estates into Father's house. The body corporate have called a meeting over it, or they want to discuss these Chinese on the next scheduled meeting or something.

Apparently people are predicting that no good will come of these Chinese moving in among them. Before you know it, Fireton Estates will be run over with Chinese and all sorts of unholiness, and big delivery trucks destroying the peace and quiet at Fireton Estates.

What in blazes are they even talking about? Later on Father and I decide to go have a look.

We come to the house and the big moving truck is parked in the driveway, as well as the cleaners' truck.

Soon we meet these new Chinese occupants unpacking their things and getting settled. Young people, probably in their twenties, one with I thought cool hair that might be slightly long hanging over his eyes and he'd be good looking if he didn't have bad teeth, and another more average but normal looking Chinese guy, and a young Chinese woman who's probably the first one's wife, and I'm not sure who else was there. They say they are six in all.

Father has a bit of a chat with them. They ask how safe it is here. Father says very safe.

It seems they are quite pre-occupied with safety. They have two Chinese shops in Jabbit Town, one of two black neighbourhoods in Voortrekkerdorp. The main Chinese guy's wife was very scared where they used to live, which is why they wanted to move to this security complex.

They have two big dogs for safety too, and ask Father if it is okay to have these dogs. Father says it depends on whether the dogs will be quiet and tolerable to the other people in Fireton Estates. Fortunately this house does have a rather large fenced in garden.

The guy also wants to put up a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs. He can, as long as he has it done professionally.

All in all, we didn't think these Chinese folk to be too outlandish. Wonder what all that fuss was about.

We talk to Fireton Estate's two secretaries later. One of them tells about how frightened she was of that one with the hair hanging down when he came to get the keys to the house.

The other secretary says she didn't even want to tell Father, but when the Chinese folks arrived, everybody living in Fireton Estates were coming out to see the spectacle. Not sure what spectacle. Probably just that their new neighbours are Chinese.

Anyway, as far as we can make out, the only fuss was that Father's new occupants are Chinese. Not sure why that was something for people to buzz over for long, let alone discuss on a body corporate meeting. Is it their race? Father had black occupants in his house some years ago, and nobody said anything then.

One secretary says it's probably because people associate the Chinese with drugs and gangsterism and Chinese mafia and martial arts and oriental "pagan" religion and evil magic and black market business and invading countries and with their massive numbers completely take over and whatnot.

Oh well. I just found it rather odd that six Chinese moving in could create such a stir with their mere presence. I thought people associated the Chinese with affordable mass produced goods and electronics and yummy food and so on. It seems that was just me. Others associate them with being parasites that invade a country and then with their sheer numbers completely overtake everything and turn it into Communist mafia-driven hell or something.



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author avatar pohtiongho
25th Nov 2015 (#)

Marzeus: There are many people who hate-anything Chinese. I suggest they tell their governments not to allow the Chinese to settle down in their countries. However, if they want cheap labour and extra virgins, I suggest they get them from the Middle East.

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