The Chip Isn't Making Any Progress

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Holding a grudge or having a chip on your shoulder doesn't solve anything. Here is how to fix it.

The Chip Isn't Making Any Progress

Having a chip on our shoulder creates negative energy. A person that carries this chip could cause health issues or mental problems. My question for you, is it really worth it? Why to carry this chip on your shoulder when it only hurts you? When you have a chip on your shoulder, it affects other people. Your attitude can reflect on the wrong person. Usually, the damage has been done and you regret what you did or have chip about.
How does a chip on your shoulder occur? A chip comes from resentment, anger, a hostile situation from the past or present. This problem can cause a person to isolate themselves from other people. Most people do not like to around this person who has the chip on their shoulder. I know people who have chips on their shoulders about the smallest things. In my opinion, it’s just not worth it.

Why does a person continue to have a chip? An individual holds a chip sometimes because they don’t want to be wrong. You are still holding the same chip and everyone else has moved on.
Sometimes people like to see a person miserable. The best you can do is put a smile on your face and move forward. This will give you triumph. If you continue to feed into this chip then person has defeated you.

What are the best ways to resolve the chip on your shoulder? My favorite is asking God to give me wisdom and strength. I pray to him. There are other times I just simply say, “God give me strength.” God forgive us so in return we should forgive others. We don’t need to dwell on past or current situations because it isn’t healthy. If you are seeking a spiritual answer, pray and read the bible.
If you are not a spiritual person then channel your energy to something positive. My outlet from negativity is walking. It clears my mind and I am a much better person. Exercise is another form of releasing negativity. I like going to the movies, dinner and especially travelling.
If you have a chip on your shoulder:
1. Don’t take it out on anyone else. It’s not fair to him/her.

2. Pray and ask God for wisdom to get through your situation.

3. Channel your energy to something positive or fun.
A chocolate chip cookie tastes good. The chip on your shoulder can break you down. Life is entirely too short.

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