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Choices: in fact life is all about choices! We make choices from mundane, like deciding what to eat for breakfast, to complex, like choosing a career path.

Life is a choice

Life is full of choices; in fact life is all about choices! Every day we make choices from mundane, like deciding what to eat for breakfast, to complex, like choosing a career path.

Choose Life

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” Deuteronomy 30:19

Choices have become such an integral part of our routine that so little thought is given to it and we hardly pay attention to the small choices that often have far-reaching consequences. For instance, every morning that you decide you don’t have time to read the bible or pray is a choice you make that God is not important enough for you to make time for Him, yet you wonder why you don’t have the spiritual maturity that you long for and envy others that do.

Choose God

Serving God is a choice, it starts by accepting Him as you Lord and Saviour but it does not stop there. Every action depicts your choices, whether it’s to follow God, or to follow Satan because if you’re not following one, you’re following the other. Every action that is in line with God’s word and precepts is a step towards life every action that’s against it is a step towards death. Every lie that you tell, every time you steal, every time you envy someone or give way to anger or jealousy is one step you take towards following Satan and one step in the direction of death.

You may argue that you have anger issues because you were abused or that you’re depressed because you've never had real friends and because nobody loves you. These may be the reasons why you feel the way you do but it’s no reason to continue behaving the way you do. Yes, you don’t always have any control over the way that you feel, but you do have control over how you react to your feelings and how you display them. You may argue that you are living what you have learned after all the society plays a major role in shaping our beliefs and core values, and while it does have a major impact, ultimately, the choice is ours. You choose what you believe in, you choose how to feel, how to react and even how you display your emotions. You can determine the type of life you want to live because the quality of your life is a reflection of your choices. You need to get to the point where you realise that your beliefs, behaviour and attitude are all choices!

Think About Your Choices

Just as you choose if you want to believe in God, to commit to Him and follow Him, you choose whether you want to become an effective member of the body of Christ. You choose if you will make yourself available to Him and allow yourself to be used by Him. I challenge you to really think about the choices you are making, choose to follow God’s word and to choose life. So before you decide you don’t have time to pray, you can’t bother to read the bible or you can’t control your anger remember that when your action in not in line with God’s word you are choosing to follow Satan and following the path of death.

Your actions depict how important He is to you and your relationship with Christ is a reflection of your choices, so again I implore you to look at the simple choices that you make each day, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the words you say and the things that you think about. If you haven’t been as faithful as you ought to be you can re-commit your life to Him or maybe you haven’t made Jesus your Lord and Saviour, if not I urge you to make that important decision right now. Just as Moses told the Israelite you have life and death placed before you; choose life that you may live. The choice to you, it’s all in your hands. At the end of it all, the choice is yours.


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