The Choice to Live

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This is an article pointing out the reasons on living. Violence is everywhere in this world and suicide has been a rampant case in some countries. I just want to share my ideas on our choices in life: live or die. Of course,we all die but the issue is, "How we die?"

The Truth

Hundreds and thousands of people are striving to overcome their daily lives. These people work everyday just to survive and have 3 meals or a meal the least or even nothing. Though they are experiencing so much struggles in life, they still have the courage to venture with it. Are they mentally incapable of understanding the present which is in favor of them?or are they too strong to give up? Whatever their reasons are they have made a choice.
While some people are striving to live, other people chose to throw their lives away. They thought about all their goals unreachable, impossible. So instead of wasting their time running for it, they decided to just, surrender or better say, STOP. With these two kinds of choices in living, do we have the right to order them on what to do?Do we have the discretion to change their minds in favor of what we think is right? No matter what the answers are, we have the choice to CARE.

The Choice

We are all human beings with the capability to decide on the things we want in life. When we were young, we may not have the strength to do so because of our immaturity,then time comes that we are capable. But our choices are bound with morals and judgement. They are also affected by different emotions . Such emotions are love, anger, guilt, and many more. They may strengthen or weaken our choices making these choices different form the first time we though about them.

The Questions

Some people are asking alot of things in their lives, such questions may be simple but some may take days or months to decode, “Why do we live?” “What are our purpose in life?” “Am I capable of living in the future?” “How can I continue living in this world?” “Do I have the choice to kill myself?” and the weirdest of all “It was never my choice to live, but why am I living?”
We may be asking ourselves those questions and until now, we are skeptical of our answers. Some people wander in some point of their lives just to find the answers. But some people did not look for answers, because at some point, they have decided to stop. “Their journey has ended.”

The Answers

We are responsible for all our actions, and we can never blame others but ourselves. The world bears a lot of questions and the answers are everywhere, it’s up for us to accept them.

We live because of a purpose.
We were born fragile, with an empty brain. And day by day, we are carved beautifully into a masterpiece. And together with the sculpture who are our parents and environment, we slowly think of our purpose. We all have a purpose in life. We were never born just for nothing. No matter how small that purpose is it is still a purpose and should never be taken for granted.

We are capable if we think we are.
Optimism will lead us everywhere. Nothing can ever defeat optimism in achieving the things we want in life. If we think we can continue living the next day, we can do so as long as we are positive and also, realize our ideas.

To continue living in this world, realize your ideas.
Lack of enthusiasm weakens our soul and turns them to dust. As mentioned above, make your dreams a reality. To continue living, we have to enjoy every second and learn from every mistakes.

You do have a choice to kill yourself but as much as possible, avoid thinking about it.
It may not be your choice to live, but it’s your choice to continue living. Questioning your existence may enlighten your mind and leads you to better choices. You have all the choices in the world. You have all the resources to use. It’s up to you how you handle these things in accordance to your survival. No matter how difficult it is to survive in this world, humans still keep their race above animals.
As much as possible, avoid thinking about killing yourself. It’s a fact that everybody dies but suicide is still a question—an issue that holds several responses.

The Conclusion

In this world full of violence, there is still hope. For every soul there is still a place like home. Enthusiasm, , compassion, and most especially love, are what we need to continue living. We do have basic needs everyday but without these things, it’s impossible to continue living. We have the choice to live, and that day, is NOW.


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