The Cicada And The Chipmunk, A Fable

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Based on my own (imaginary) theory of how a rodent and an insect might interact on any given day in the forest, but only when the 17 year cicadas descend.

Chipmunk Meets Cicada

The chipmunk sat up on the log, surveying his domain. There was unusual activity in the forest this year as hundreds of large, flying insects darted about, and the birds seemed to be in a frenzy, too. Well, none of his affair. Searching for dinner was more important to his rumbling belly.

Grass under the bird feeders usually yielded some overlooked seed, so that would be his first stop. The chipmunk had taken only two steps when WHIZ! BANG! Down he went, targeted by some weird mini-plane! "What the heck...?! Watch where you're going, pal!" Brushing some dead grass off his belly, he looked up at his attacker and nearly screamed his little chipmunk head off, thereby making his attacker screech as loud. All the noise attracted some nearby woodland residents, Rosey Rabbit being the first to arrive on scene.

"What's all the noise out here? Whatever is the matter, Chip? You look a fright!"

"Well I guess so! Just look at me, and starving to boot! That creature over there tried to kill me! He mowed me down, right in my own backyard!"

Rosey looked to where Chip pointed and saw one of those funny-looking flying things sitting in the grass. Staring at nothing with big red eyes. "Hey Chippy," she grinned, "it's only a bug! No worries, I assure you." Rosey hopped over to it. "What's your name, bug?" In a humming-buzzing type of voice it replied: "I am called Cicada. Sorry I ran into you, uh, humhumbuzzhumhum ,Chip, is it? Apparently I'm as blind as a humhum stick. Just looking for some fresh, green humbuzzhumhumhum shoots and leaves to munch."

Hunger Games?

Chip was silently regarding the insect. The more he looked, the tastier the cicada looked. His belly began to rumble. If times were tough he did eat a small bug now and again, like a grub or two. But never one of this size.The next thing everyone knew was that Cicada and Chip were practically nose to nose, just looking to brawl. The murmur of the crowd brought Oliver Owl flying in at heart-racing speed! With a SWOOP of wings, he skidded to a stop and approached the pair. He began pacing back and forth, carefully regarding each. Finally, not knowing Cicada, he faced Chip.

"Well now. What have we here, Master Chip? What seems to be the problem?" Oliver's large, yellow eyes peered closely at the chipmunk. Chip puffed himself up to his full 4" before replying to The Forest Wise Man: "I was hungry, Sir. And this bug here keeps staring at me with those goofy red eyes. And...well,,,he looks so munchy."

Oliver sadly shook his head. "Now Chip, don't be rude. I thought you were better than that. This cicada is our guest, a type that visits us every 17 years and stays just a few weeks. You can't eat a guest. Now run along back to the your den like a good 'munk and freshen up. I want to see you there at our monthly COMMUNITY FOREST SURVIVAL MEETING. You especially will benefit from it!" It was just as Oliver turned to apologize to the cicada that Chip struck. Secure in the knowledge that he was the fastest chipmunk in the community, (winning the last two Trophy Races) he lunged at the insect. In the blink of an eye, Chip was off and running, the large insect clamped between his chubby cheeks.

The Moral Of The Story Is...

Two days later, Chip was back at his post. He was so fat he could hardly climb up on his sunning log. It was there Oliver found him, and once again he silently appraised the chipmunk's bloated belly, chubby cheeks and gasping breaths. The owl waited patiently while Chip caught his breath and wiped his sweaty brow.

"So, you decided not to follow my decision, my boy. That makes me very sad. The cicada...did you at least share it with your friends? It was a very huge piece of ...protein."

Chip threw the old bird a sheepish grin. "Nah, I ate it all by myself, AND caught TWO more! This way I won't have to scavenge for food for a week. Pretty smart, huh?" Chip's grin had turned to a smirk. Oliver heaved a great sigh. "All of it?? You ate all of it, you didn't store even a wing for winter's cold?? Oh, you stupid, foolish rodent! Why did you have to be so selfish?" The wise old owl sadly hung his head. "If only you had attended our meeting, perhaps you would have learned a truly valuable lesson."

Chip looked bored but loved to chatter, and so asked Oliver:" And what lesson would that be, oh wise one? Store up for winter? Been there. Beware of cats? Check. I am not a child, Owl! Stop treating me as such!"

Oliver fixed his big yellow eyes on the chipmunk. "Alright then, Chip. The Survival Message was: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT." Chip sat up, a puzzled look on his chubby face. "Huh? That doesn't make sense at all! I eat all kinds of stuff but that never made me into an acorn or a sunflower seed or even a grub! Sounds darn stupid to me, Wise Old Owl. Please excuse me as I take a much-needed sun-bath." Chip stretched out on his back, his full belly welcoming the sun's warm rays. Soon he was asleep, dreaming chipmunk dreams.

Oliver walked closer to him, and laid a feathery wing tip on the top of Chip's head. Bending nearer, he confirmed what he had thought he'd seen when the rodent's eyes fell closed. A red growth was forming in each corner of his little eyes. Soon they would cover the chipmunk's lids. His legs appeared much thinner, as did his arms. He was losing his soft fur; a small bald patch on his thigh revealed a hard, dark scaly substance.

The Wise Old Owl sighed again and turned away. be continued

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author avatar Sean_Victorydawn
11th Jun 2016 (#)

It's so lively and funny. I love to voice-over Fables or Puppeteer them for kids. We have "Karagoz And Hacivat" plays in my home country where I grew up.

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author avatar Lyndy
11th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank you for reading and enjoying my little fable!

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