The Circle of Life

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Written is this story of a grandfather who knows the end is near.How is it that he would let go and let the child see it is ok to pass.

The Circle of Life

This story pasted down word for word
For hundreds of years before it a gift to me
That now in turn... I give this gift to you
And quite a gift child it is indeed

It is of a young soul, who fought for his life
With all his will, he would not let go
Yet one day his heart, would beat no more
To the ground, our elders returned his soul

They chose a place, in pure white sand
For good soil to plant, was hard to find
A place where only, parched earth for miles
Where he could rest, undisturbed through time

Then that same day, his mother came to greave
And from his soil, a young tree had sprung
Although not one sun, had yet to pass
It was on that day… this forest grown

I brought you child, to this place
To rest on our knees, beneath this canopy
Under the very first, to grow form his soul
From it born… All other mighty oak trees

This place my child, is where his spirit is found
With the secret of it all… you can not see
But place your hand, here upon its bark
And feel his heart beat, from within this tree

Find its seed, from where you kneel
And let it be your lips it find
That from your kiss, his wisdom grown
Within your heart and for all time

It is the wisdom, that this tree shares with us
That now your eyes awake to see
And death it is you never fear
For from it come, all flowers and trees
The wisdom is that you do not die, my child
That as I soon… to merely leave
And grow into a mighty oak
Someday below, I’ll greet your first leaf

It is the circle of life my child, it has no end
The day to come as oak… I merely go
I to become a wild snapdragon in bloom
That beneath your shade my child I will grow...


Forever, Remember You, Remembering The Day, To A Child A Story Poem

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author avatar dragonsnap
I could never say I'm a poet,far from it. But I love to write.Mistakes, well that's my middle name.I'm real good at them and hope they are pointed out to me so I learn from them...

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author avatar LOVERME
31st Oct 2012 (#)

Just beautiful
I have learnt a lesson of mine
as time rolls by
some come and flatter
others come to shatter,
never mind the ones who come
simply to ploy
their idiocy to deploy …

remember only those
who pass by smiling
as some day
they too shall pass away
then the reality of life shall surface
we all will also pass away
as we all, including me
are passers by
read this message and with love
and do say
time and tide do not wait
for anyone any way….

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author avatar dragonsnap
1st Nov 2012 (#)

it is a nice work that you have added.I just dont get it? why would you over write me? Mine is mine as is yours,
Is it that you think yours is better then mine?Should ibe nice and say I love it. Comment on ones work is not an open door for others to place there trash on the curb. like it or dont thats a comment. keep your shit on your own block not here on mine!!!

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