The Coffin

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It is a small vampire poem about being trapped with in a coffin and buried alive, which is one of my fears.

The Coffin

The Coffin

My hands lay gently upon my breast,
My heart softly beating within my chest,
As I lay dreaming of a quiet place so dark,
Where the only sound is the thumping of my heart.
The darkness surrounds me tightly,
My body only able to move slightly,
At the wood of the coffin I begin to claw,
Screaming so loudly until my throat is raw.
Trapped beneath the stone cold ground,
No one can hear a me, not a sound,
As they cry for me from up above,
Expressing sadness, expressing love.
Buried alive I weep with sorrow,
No more dreams of a new tomorrow.
The dark has come and its to late,
I have sealed my own damned fate,
For as I lived in the world above,
I did not express compassion or love,
To those I feed from during the night,
While the slept so soundly by candle light,
Death for me will be slow in the end,
To the screaming depths of Hell God will send,
Me for my wicked deeds and evil sin.
I am here buried and trapped within.
Six feet under the cold earth,
Where nightmares dwell and do give birth,
To fears that have me thrashing about,
Screaming and yelling to be let out.
Trapped beneath my stone tomb,
I slowly wait from my own doom.


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I am a stay at home mom of two, and I enjoy writing as a stress reliever. I've written a couple of short stories and I'm currently writing a book with a friend.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Dec 2013 (#)

In the spiritual world they say the entities of the dark world are locked in the coffin and then then have the angels singing to them and reading the scriptures to obliterate them and keep them locked in.
Take care Melinda, like in Ghost Whisperer, don't let the shadows get you through dark art...

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