The Comforters

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Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.

The Comforters

The journal lay on the bedside table. Tabitha’s last entry was bookmarked by the Bic pen left between the pages; words as black as the ink that gave them form.

“I am sick of life,” she had begun. As she poured out her frustration on the lined pages, she had glanced down at the three sets of brown eyes that were watching her with a sense of unease. The final line she penned said, “The love of these dogs, and knowing they need me is the only thing that keeps me going”.

She curled up on her side on the bed and began to weep hopelessly. She didn’t even want to get out of bed. Why did life have to be so hard? Walt’s lack of work; Mom’s cancer; the new manager at her job that seemed to have it in for her… At least now there would be no more calls from bill collectors, because the phone had been disconnected the day before. She was so tired, and felt so cold inside; icy fingers of despair weaving their tales into her very marrow.

As she shook with sobs, she realized that she was no longer alone on the bed. Marvin, the small Jack Russell, had climbed up beside her and had made it his mission to keep her face free of tears. The warmth of his tongue on her wet cheeks had a soothing effect, and she chose not to remind the dog that he wasn’t supposed to be on the bed.

She felt the mattress sink down and was joined by the two big dogs. They curled up next to her; Dozer against her back and Sushi in the crook of her knees. Gradually, Tabitha’s body relaxed, and she dozed. When she finally looked at her clock, it was just after nine a.m., and all three dogs slept beside her, gently snoring. Tabitha sighed. Nothing had changed since she had fallen asleep, yet she felt peaceful. The chill in her heart had been banished by the soft, warm blanket of fur that enveloped her. She gently dislodged them, and as they disembarked from the bed, Dozer glanced up at her guiltily, expecting a rebuke. Tabitha just smiled. Thanks to the ministrations of the canines, she was calm enough to do what she should have done in the first place.

She got down on her knees to have a conversation with the Lord. The first line of her prayer was, “Thank You, Lord, for making dogs…”


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