The Con: Natalie Gets Even! A Young and the Restless Fanfiction

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After her deal to revolutionize the Internet World falls through, Natalie decides to get even with Chloe and take her daughter, Bella from her.


For months, Natalie Soderberg has played the naïve geek with a billion dollar idea that would revolutionize the Internet world. Now that both Jabot and Newman CEO’s Jack Abbott and Victoria Newman have agreed to share the profits to Natalie’s idea, Natalie is reaping the benefits and the man of her dreams, Kevin Fisher. That is, until Mariah learns of Natalie’s true intentions regarding her idea. But will Kevin and Genoa City citizens believe her? Is Natalie on the up and up or is she just a con?


Natalie Soderberg – Mara McCaffray
Kevin Fisher – Greg Rikaart
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Phyllis Summers Newman Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman McAvoy – Sharon Case
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Adam Newman – Justin Hartley
Chelsea Newman – Melissa Claire Egan
Chloe Valentine Fisher – Elizabeth Hendrickson

Chapter 1

Natalie Soderberg has always loved the idea of being wealthy and that’s when she came up with the billion dollar idea that would revolutionize the Internet world: protect the security of those online. As a hacker herself, Natalie knew that companies would jump at the chance to buy her idea and reap the monetary benefits of her invention.
That’s why she came to Genoa City. But there was one more reason too. Kevin Fisher. The reason why she pitched her billion dollar idea to him. She wanted a chance to be with him. The computer geek who freelanced his services for Jabot and Newman. As she got her idea off to a start, she would dream about him day and night. There was just one problem: his sidekick, Mariah Copeland. She knew she had to find a way to convince Kevin to dump her.
Natalie thought that her idea would not get the attention she wanted it to be when Newman CEO, Victoria Newman planned to sue Jabot for all profits to her idea. But when Victoria and Jack Abbott, Jabot CEO came to a truce and agreed to split the profits, Natalie was optimistic that her idea would succeed after all.
And she couldn’t believe that she had just spent the night in the arms of one man she had always wanted: Kevin. She couldn’t wait to flaunt her romance with Kevin in Mariah’s face. She had managed to convince Kevin to dump the pesky red head once and for all.
But that was where all of it would stop. . .

Kevin woke to an empty bed groggy from drinking and all-night sex with Natalie. Or so he thought when he noticed that Natalie was nowhere to be found.
As he got up to look for her, she was not in the GCAC suite they rented. Kevin called the one person he knew he could trust.
“What do you want, Kevin?” Mariah bitterly asked when she answered Kevin’s phone call.
“Mariah, I need you. Now!” Kevin pleaded with her.
“Oh, poor baby! What happened?” Mariah taunted him. “Did Natalie leave you?!”
“How did you know?”
“Gee, Kevin, how did I know?!” Mariah taunted him. “It’s not like I haven’t been warning you for months!”
“I’m sorry.” Kevin tried to apologize to her.
“Save it for your girlfriend!”
“I can’t.”
“And why not?!”
“She took off.”
Mariah wanted so badly to tell Kevin “I told you so,” but somehow, she found a way to hold her tongue. Why? She didn’t know?
“She did?”
“Yes. We had an amazing time last night. The all-night se----“ Kevin began.
“Ah, spare me the details, Kevin.”
“Sorry. . . as I was saying, we were having a great time last night. . . and when I woke up this morning, she had split.”
“Maybe she went to the store?” Mariah tried to be optimistic.
“I thought that until I text her and got no reply.”
“Wow! So I was right about her?”
“It’s looks that way.”
“Natalie conned you, and everyone else.” Mariah commented.
“It’s not going to be good when Jack, Victoria and Billy find out that Natalie skipped town.”

Chapter 2

Kevin didn’t want to believe Mariah about her claim that Natalie was a con. It just couldn’t be true. Natalie had to be on the up-and-up. They’re relationship was real. It had to be. That’s when he noticed Natalie’s text on his cell.
“Sorry I had to jet. Couldn’t be helped. In Chicago. Meet me.”
So Natalie did care. Kevin got dressed and went to book flight to Chicago to meet Natalie and find out why she left him so abruptly.
As Kevin was leaving his apartment, Mariah showed up.
“Mariah, it’s not a good time.” Kevin admitted.
“I needed to talk to you.”
“Mariah, I have to go.” Kevin said, running out on her.
“Kevin, wait!” Mariah called after him, but Kevin ignored her pleas as he kept going. He had to get to Natalie.
Mariah went to the one person she knew would help her: Sharon. And after the lie she kept, Sharon better.

Mariah showed up at Sharon’s ranch to get answers about what to do about Kevin.
“Sharon, I need your input.”
“About what, Mariah?”
“About Kevin and his sick obsession with Natalie!”
“Oh dear, are you upset with Kevin’s decision to be with Natalie?”
“Natalie is a con!” Mariah confessed.
“Oh come on, Mariah.” Sharon doubted her daughter. “Natalie that can’t be.”
“Really, Sharon.” Mariah said, shaking her head. “Not you too?”
“How do you know this?”
“I have my reasons.” Was all Mariah would say.
“Well, do you have any proof?”
“Not exactly. It’s just a hunch.”
“Well, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” Sharon told Mariah. “I’m sure Natalie is not a con.”
“She’s after Kevin and she is conning him. I know it and I will prove it.” Mariah said bitterly as she picked up her jacket and purse and left Sharon’s ranch.
Mariah couldn’t believe that Sharon doubted her. Doesn’t anyone believe her about Natalie? Well, one thing was for sure, she was going to prove that Natalie was a fake. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she bumped into Chloe.
“Mariah. Nice to see you.” Chloe greeted her.
“I thought you weren’t coming back after confronting Adam about getting off for him hitting and killing Delia?”
“I have unfinished business in Genoa City.” Chloe said matter-of-factly.
“Oh?” Mariah quizzed her.
“Just one thing before I move on.”
“And what’s that?”
“I overheard your talk with Sharon about Natalie being a con.”
“You did?”
“I want to help prove that Natalie is a con.”
“Really? And what’s in it for you?”
“Helping you get Kevin back from and away from Natalie.”
“You were with Kevin. How do I know you’re on the up-and-up?”
“Kevin made it abundantly clear it was over between us.”
“Okay.” Mariah said, sealing their deal with a handshake before Mariah went on her way.
“You’re stupider than you look, Mariah.” Chloe said to herself, as Mariah walked away.

Chapter 3

Chloe couldn’t believe how stupid Mariah was. No wonder Kevin didn’t want to be with her. Chloe that it ironic that Mariah was going to prove that Natalie was a con when the biggest con of all was her. Chloe couldn’t help but laugh helping Mariah prove that Natalie was a con.
Chloe took out her cell and punched a number.
“Hello?” Natalie answered her cell.
“Natalie, leave Chicago!” Chloe told her.
“Why should I leave Chicago? I’m having the time of my life!”
“Mariah is on her way to have words with you!”
“She is? But-----“ Natalie started to say but Chloe interrupted her.
“Leave now or you’ll be sorry. Mariah is on her way to make mince meat out of you!” Chloe warned her.
“Okay. I’m gone!” Natalie replied before ending the call.
Natalie packed her bag and headed for the airport and booked a flight for Paris. She hated to leave without any word to Kevin. What would he think after she was told to leave Kevin after their all-night sex and now when she told Kevin to meet him?

While Natalie was boarding her flight, Kevin had just arrived at Natalie’s hotel suite and knocked on the door. But she didn’t answer.
“Hmmmmm.” Kevin wondered. “Natalie’s not answering.”
He punched Natalie’s button on his cell. No answer.
“She didn’t answer the door to the suite when he arrived and she missed his call.” Kevin thought to himself. “What’s going on? Is Natalie conning him?”

Back on the plane to Paris, Natalie hated not answering his phone. How did she managed to let Chloe convince her to leave Kevin like this?

Back in Genoa City, Kevin had gotten back after Natailie managed to ditch him again. He was beginning to think that Mariah was right and Natalie was a con when he was completely surprised to run into Chloe.
“Kevin?” Chloe greeted him after nearly kissing him when they bumped into each other.
“Chloe?” Kevin said surprised to see her back in Genoa City. “You’re back?”
“Yes. I finished my treatment.”
“That’s great!” Kevin said congratulating her.
“Miss Valentine.” Some woman holding hands with a young girl who Kevin didn’t recognized called out to Chloe. “Bella is crying and I don’t know what to do? I’ve tried everything.”
“Hey, Bella, what’s wrong?” Chloe said to her daughter who ran into her arms.
“I miss you mommy!” Bella exclaimed.
“You have a daughter?” Kevin asked Chloe, completely taken aback.
“Yes, Kevin. Meet Bella.” Chloe said, introducing Bella to Kevin.
“Hi.” Bella said, waving to Kevin.
“Oh dear, look at the time.” Chloe said to break the ice. “Bella have a lunch date.”

As Chloe took Bella away, Kevin still couldn’t believe that Chloe had a daughter. He wondered if he was the father? But his thoughts were interrupted when he ran into Mariah.
“So, did you have a nice time with Natalie?” Mariah asked bitterly.
“No, I never saw her?” Kevin sadly told her.
“What? Natalie ran out on you again?” Mariah said, mocking him.
“I’m afraid to have to admit that you may be right and Natalie is a con.” Kevin said.
“Well, I won’t tell I told you so!” Mariah said angrily, before she left him standing him there alone.
Chloe watched Kevin as he sat down on the bench alone.
“Soon, Kevin. Soon, we will be together.” Chloe said herself, while watching a dejected Kevin.

Chapter 4

Natalie gave up on meeting Kevin, assuming he didn’t want to be with her. She had an important meeting to make now that Kevin dumped her. And she knew why—Chloe Valentine! Well Kevin and Chloe were going to be sorry they crossed her!
Natalie turned on the television to view Genoa City Buzz only to discover that she was the headline of the day’s show.
“So, all you GC’ers think I’m a con!” Natalie said to herself. “That I swindled you all!”
Natalie booked a flight to GC, Wisconsin. She was going to show everyone in Genoa City just what a con she was!
Later, in Genoa City, Chloe went to pick up Bella from her mother, Esther, at the Chancellor mansion when Esther gave her some sad news.
“Mother, I’m here for Bella!” Chloe yelled when no one came to the front door.
Chloe walked in to the sitting room to discover Dylan talking with Esther about Bella’s disappearance.
“What do you mean, Bella’s been kidnapped!” Chloe blew a gasket.
“Oh, Chloe, darling!” Esther cried. “It was awful!
“Mom, what happened to my daughter!” Chloe said, outraged.
“I don’t know?” Esther explained. “I went to bring Bella her snack of milk and cookies when I discovered she wasn’t there.”
“What do you mean, she wasn’t there?!” Chloe cried hysterically.
“We checked the mansion thoroughly, me and the servants—even Murphy looked!” Esther told her. “Bella was nowhere to be found.”
“So, Bella is gone?”
“Chloe, I have Bella’s information and an ‘Amber Alert’ has been put out.” Paul told Chloe. “We will find Bella.”
Chloe just sat down on the sofa. She could only think of one thing—the real birth mother must have taken her!
On a flight bound for Sydney, Australia, Natalie sat with Bella. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone in GC Chloe’s secret: she was Bella’s biological mother. She intended to make Chloe pay for stealing her embryo!

Chapter 5

Chloe couldn’t believe Natalie would take Bella. After their agreement to let her raise her daughter and after she gave her $1 million too! What if Kevin found out what she did? Well, Kevin mustn’t find out the truth that Bella was Kevin and Natalie’s and that she stole Natalie’s embryo when she was pregnant with Kevin’s baby. Damn, Natalie, for going back on her word.
But Chloe would be found out when she left her diary open and Mariah happened upon it.
Meanwhile, at Mariah showed up at Kevin’s door to show him Chloe’s diary entry.
“I can’t believe this is true?” Kevin said to Mariah after Chloe’s diary entry about Bella being kidnapped by Natalie. “Bella is my daughter with Natalie?”
“I can’t believe I happened along Chloe’s open diary entry. Could she be so stupid as to leave it out in the open?” Mariah questioned Chloe’s sanity.
“I need to talk to Chloe about this.” Kevin told Mariah who promptly left to deal with Chloe.
Mariah smiled slyly finally glad she had the dirt on Chloe to get Kevin to leave her. She couldn’t stand Chloe ever since she came back and was revealed to want Kevin back to spite her wanting Kevin. Now Chloe would get hers now that she exposed Chloe as a liar!
Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, Natalie spent the day with Bella going to the amusement park. Bella loved the roller coaster ride and kept asking to go on it several times. As they were riding the roller coaster for the umpteenth time, Natalie couldn’t help but wish that Kevin were here with them.
After the ride was over, Natalie anonymously dialed Kevin’s number, but it was immediately ignored.
“I guess Kevin doesn’t want anything to do with her now.” Natalie assumed as an angry Kevin was busy confronting Chloe about her betrayal.


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