The Confederate Flag, Heritage or Hatred?

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The Confederate flag has always been a symbol of contention. But, does it stand for heritage or hatred?

The Stars & Bars

The Confederate flag is viewed with a multitude of reactions. The Confederacy had several different flags. Here I am referring to the Confederate battle flag, also known as the Stars and Bars. Curiously, the Confederate battle flag was never adopted by the Confederate Congress, never flew over any state capitals during the Confederacy and was never officially use by Confederate veterans groups. So what has given rise so much controversy about displaying the Confederate battle flag?


To begin with you should be aware of what the Confederate battle flag represents. Its original intent was as a symbol of states rights and freedom from oppression by the federal government. Any other connotation associated with that flag is erroneous, whether someone is opposed to or in favor of its display. The flag has nothing specifically to do with racism or slavery!
The Confederate states broke from the union because they believed that their rights as sovereign states were being infringed upon by the federal government in Washington.

The Emancipation Proclomation

Yes, slavery was a part of that. If the abolishment of slavery where the overriding factor in the South's cessation from the union why did Lincoln wait for two years to enact the Emancipation Proclamation? The Civil War had already been waging for two years when in 1863 Lincoln, by decree, freed the slaves. On the face of it his action seems noble. That is true without a doubt. But, it is not the only reason Lincoln freed the slaves.

Stemming the tide

The war was not going well for the North at this point. The Confederacy was winning. Lincoln needed more troops. Recruitment had fallen off dramatically. Northerners weren't willing to send their sons off to die in a war, particularly against their fellow countrymen. Free blacks did join the Union army. This helped but, the South was outgunned from the start anyway. They had the will to fight which the North did not. They didn't however have the means. This along with some military personnel changes stemmed the tide of the war in the North's favor.

Who cares?

In 2011 a Pw research poll revealed that 30% of Americans have a, "negative reaction," when they see the Confederate flag displayed. 9% have a positive reaction. 58% have no reaction. So, to most Americans the display of the Confederate battle flag is not an issue at all. Some stand with it citing that it is part of the heritage of the South. While others will stand against it saying it is a symbol of slavery. It only takes a few to make a lot of noise and be heard. This controversy will not go away soon.
I fly Confederate battle flag in my front yard right along with Old Glory.

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author avatar Retired
25th Jun 2015 (#)

I cannot understand why Americans roundly condemn Edward Snowden as a traitor yet many Southerners are happy to celebrate the traitors who tried to tear the country apart during the Civil War.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
25th Jun 2015 (#)

I am with John. In any other country in the world flying the flag of the side that lost a civil was after it was done and dusted would be considered treason. I cannot conceive that flying that flag as anything but a crime.

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author avatar Retired
25th Jun 2015 (#)

The Confederate flag stands for a nation that wasn't, but represented the area in a time that is past.

The Confederate flag stands for nothing in the shooting of 9 black churchgoers by a mentally disturbed young white man.

Removing the Confederate flag portion of South Carolina's state flag will do nothing to save innocent lives from shooting by a mentally ill lunatic and is a political diversion from real and present dangers by our lunatic administration.

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