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The Countess a movie directed and starring Julie Depy is a quite shocking depiction of -Countess Elizabeth Bathory who in the 16th century used the blood of virgins to keep her looking young. a tale of vanity and horror


They keep on keeping on
Telling us the story of their lives
Warriors tall

They sleep the sleep of death
Dreaming of fantasy lands
Maidens all

They run amok
Through forests of trees
Never knowing whom they are

This and more

Death rode

Into the darkness of the night
Crept many monsters bold
Hit they did on all around
Villages and towns

Roads with bloody corpses strewn
None alive could be seen
Death rode

He jogged on his one eyed steed
Its teeth like daggers were
Sharp pointed

Youth Returns

The Countess once so beautiful
Now aged lined

A young lover she does take
And for him alone does break
With all humanity

Find she does that blood when rubbed
Upon her skin
Makes young again

Sheened dewy soft

Thus ventures she into a madness
Virgin's blood to drink and rub
Over body face and hair

Shining again
Without compere is she

The Cage

Her thirst for blood stronger it grows
A cage is built with dagger points
To pierce the skin
From which does flow
A bloody stream

Into this cage her victims are hung
Hundreds of them one by one
And all around the castle walls
People stare and shout

Her atrocities are known by now
Parents with their daughters flee
The hungry maw of the lady fair
But in all in vain

Find them she does

The End

Taken the fair Countess is by the king
And walled up in a chamber small
To live without light rest of her life
But in the end blood wins again for her

She bites her wrist so slowly slow
Her blood runs forth till she is dead
Buried without ceremony she is


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Dec 2012 (#)

thank you Steve for moderating and starring this gloomy piece....

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Dec 2012 (#)

The world is full of weird people from time immemorial and looks like blood will never cease to flow like what happened couple of days ago - the senseless and heinous killing of the most innocent - the loving children. Makes one think of what life is about and the people we are surrounded with, Carolina - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Dec 2012 (#)

so true Siva...i only just realized how current this page is with what has just happened in Conneticut...

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author avatar Judy Ellen
18th Dec 2012 (#)

I heard a little bit about this type of thing on the history channel! There actually was a vampire princess in Hungary who sucked blood thinking it would make her stay young. You did a great job!!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Dec 2012 (#)

thanks so much Judy...just as you do on your pages....xox

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author avatar Buzz
18th Dec 2012 (#)

Such beautiful dark poetry, love! Fantastic star page as always.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

thank you Buzz..happy fun filled holidays to you and yours xox

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author avatar M G Singh
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

What a thrilling post.Loved it

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

glad you did dear Madan...

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