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A true story about a wonderful street and fantastic neighbours.

The Location

When my daughter was 4 years old we moved to a very quiet court, with only nine houses on it. It had one entrance only and having the central house my front porch faced forward so that we could watch all the comings and goings from my porch swing. It was a great place to raise children as four out of the nine houses had children. There were eight gorgeous girls on the street, five blonds and three brunettes. Across the street there were three boys and two more girls. It was an amazing place. They were all really nice kids who got along famously and even better; all the parents became fast friends. It was wonderful to watch the kids ride their tricycles and big wheels in the court, then progress to bicycles and finally their parent’s cars.
The kids were so cute we always said that the problems would come as they grew up and the boys would come to call. Funnily enough none of the children paired off together. They were and are still really good friends.

The dog and human guardians.

It was a very safe street. We had a few original owners that were retired so they looked out for the children. We also had a few great big dogs that were always wandering around and with their great big barking voices kept strangers away. We had a white Samoyed his name was Chakha, a large black mix named Dina, an English Spaniel called Primo, my Cockapoo, her name was Lady and a handsome black Bouvier, whose name I have forgotten. It was remarkable. I don’t live there anymore but will always treasure those wonderful memories with my daughter, my dog and my great friends.
We used to have barbeques for Canada Day in the middle of the court, with lawn chairs lined up around the circumference and food galore. We all pitched in for food and fireworks. We ended with everyone bringing guests and sometimes had over 100 people in the court. We would play baseball in the afternoon and in the evening we would do a barbeque followed by fireworks. It was a lot of fun sitting in lawn chairs with blankets and treats and all the kids snuggled together.

The dogs help clean up.

The dogs had a field day watching carefully for dropsies. The kids were little and it didn’t take much to nudge or bump them so that they would drop their food, at which point the dogs quickly snatched the hot dogs or hamburgers before they even reached the ground. It was quite a sight watching them work the crowd.
It was a wonderful place for my daughter to grow up and a wonderful, wonderful place to raise a family.


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