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How we can see the master's presence in all those thing we see around us, and the inventions of man

The Creator

Even though we do not see the master or creator
Somehow we can feel or sense his presence in some manner
Every human being, even the plants and creature we encounter
Is a very positive reminder, of his awe, wonder and power.

No matter the state, or dominion, each group has a specified function
All sectors have one purpose, as though there is some virtual union
Which seems to say that all of us, channeled our energy, most certainly
To make sure that on earth our productivity, breathes a form of continuity.

In is amazing how some animals, just their physical appearance
But in such a way that they can have that level of tolerance
For their surrounding, and some by the way the shape of their hind feet
Can from their waiting predators, beat a very hasty retreat.

Also look at some of their dental formula as well as arrangement
It seems somehow that seems to suit it habitat's environment
Then you know the bear, grow his blubber when he hibernates the winter
One can also see this on those penguins, seals as they take that northern weather.

But the one rated very highly and needed to carry out major plans, is man
Blessed with that highly developed brain, with the capacity to understand
Entrusted him with such ability, so that he has such a command
To used what ever means to harness the resources and for continuity of the land.

So when man has make some form of important discovery
Inventing something that to others will be most beneficial
Always understand it the will of the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent creator
Who has entrusted that life, that ability and the mental power,


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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2011 (#)

So darn true. We must not forget whom has given us this gift.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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