The Curse

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This short story is about a piece of jewelry that has a curse on it,and a mummy that comes for it.

The Curse

Just like everyday Charles Teak went about his normal everyday business.It was just another day for Charles. In a long boring week it's been he thought to himself nothing never happens to me that brings excitement into my life he thought. As Charles went home after a long dull day at work. Maybe the ride home would relax me as he went over narrows bridge he noticed a truck in front of him swerving all over the road.Charles was blasting his horn. As the truck started to turn as it got off the bridge a door on back the truck flew open a box fell out of the truck landing in the road. Charles slammed on his breaks just missing the box Charles car came to a stop he quickly got out of the car picked up the box put in the trunk of his car without looking to see what was in the box.Charles almost wrecked on the way home because of that driver. He was hoping there would be a phone number of the company that truck belonged to as Charles was going to report the driver of the truck Charles knew the truck driver was an unsafe drive he could kill someone the way he drives.But when Charles got home he was disappointed as there were no phone numbers or names in the box as he went through the entire box all he could find was packing material as Charles eyes opened wide when he found in the box a gold necklace it looked like something that belonged to ancient king like the ones they find in tombs in Egypt. As Charles knew the necklace looked very expensive. He decided to check the internet to see if he could find any information on it. As Charles searched for any information on the necklace he was looking for. Charles identified the necklace by matching the pictures on the internet exactly with necklace the marking matched up perfect.Charles started to read about the mummy Ki-log who was discovered 45 years ago ,and the wealth that the tomb held in pottery, jewels and tools that were used to build temples stone cutting tools. As Charles read on he was getting worried as it was said that an evil spirit guarded the jewelery as Charles read on the people who came in contact with any of king-Ki-log's possessions would suffer the curse of ramual a guardian of the dead's possessions as Charles thought there was nothing to worry about just another one of those silly curses that don't mean nothing.

Charles put the necklace o his desk as he went to make himself something ton eat. As the night went on the electric in Charles house went out on his cell phone he called the electric company they told Charles he would have to call an electrician as the problem had to be in the wiring in his house as all the neighbors had electricity. He would have to wait till morning as everything was closed or closing for the evening. Along night he was going to be with 2 lanterns ,and a flashlight for light he thought at least he got something hot to eat before the electric went out.No cooking till the electric came back on Charles knew. As Charles laid back in his char he thought he heard someone outside the house.He picked up a golf club ,and went to look Charles looked around the outside of the house but didn't see anything. When he went back inside he noticed the kitchen chair was knocked over it looked as tho someone came in the house as Charles was outside.He went ,and reached on top of the cab-nit as Charles got his gun a 357. magnum he loaded his gun very slowly walked upstairs he looked around didn't see anything then all of a sudden a mummy filthy ,and smelling came walking towards Charles he pointed his gun a,and fired a shot hitting the mummy in the chest the bullet did nothing to the mummy but made it take a step backwards he then emptied the gun into the mummy pushing it against the wall.Just then the mummy went for Charles it moved fast for being dead.It grabbed Charles throwing him into the wall smashing the wall parts of the wall landed on Charles it grabbed Charles again this time it took Charles very close to it face Charles heard it say" I want the necklace" Charles was terrified he told the mummy where the necklace was the mummy went ,and got it's necklace.It then went back to where Charles was as he couldn't leave as his leg .and arm was broken. From the mummy throwing him into the wall.The mummy said to Charles "You will suffer the curse of King Ki-log ,and deal with after life as all who come in contact with King Ki-logs belongings will be punished" the mummy then vanished in front of Charles eyes.He thought it was over but it wasn't he soon found out as hundreds of deadly snakes were coming towards Charles trying to escape he locked himself in the bathroom .I'm safe Charles thought as he put a bunch of wet towels a the bottom of the door so the sakes couldn't get in. Just then the water pipes ,and drain pipes were rattling as snakes started coming out of them. They came out fast ,and from under the door the snakes came as hundreds of them bit Charles over ,and over again. Charles was dead in less then a minute.He payed the price of the curse of King Ki-log.


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