The Cursed Farm

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Mark and Shelby took a short trip to the next town to deliver a parcel. But on their way back, it starts to rain. In fact, it's a downpour. And their town was still miles away.
But then spot a farm and decide, why not take shelter their until the rain stops?
So, they walk through the farm towards the farmhouse, unaware of the greater danger that awaits them.

The Farm

Shelby and I walked across the lane towards out town. We had been sent to the next town to deliver a parcel to Uncle Todd. We had gotten it by mistake so my Mom told me to deliver it to Uncle Todd.

Shelby, my cousin and I left for the town in the afternoon and it was nearly midnight when we were returning back. Our town was still far away and Shelby predicted rain. She was right.
A few minutes later, it had started to rain.
“We better hurry, Mark.” Shelby said.
“The town is still far away,” I complained. “We can’t make it in time.”
“Look,” Shelby pointed. “A house.”
I followed her finger and saw that she was right. There was a huge house far on the left side of the lane. We decided to take shelter there.
We entered the front gate and into the front lawn.
It was a farmhouse.

Entering The Farmhouse

I saw three scarecrows standing in line on one side of the farm.
There was a statue of a horse on the other side of the farm and on the roof of the farmhouse was a structure of a pitchfork, it’s blades pointed upwards.

We ran towards the front door and rang the bell. No one answered. I rang again but no one answered.
Shelby tried knocking on the front door. But when she knocked, the door swung open. It was already unlocked?
We were so desperate to find shelter that we just ran in and shut the door.
It was pretty dark inside. Just a few dim lights, that’s all.
“Hello?” I called. “Is anyone home?”
“There’s no one here.” Shelby told me.
Then we heard a noise above us.


I looked up and saw a silhouette of a man standing at the top of the stairs, waving at us.
Somebody was here. We waved back.
The man took one step forward—and tripped.
We looked on, horrified, as the man crashed down the stairs.
When we got to look at his face, we jumped out of our skin. It wasn’t a man at all. It was a skeleton!
The grinning skeleton stirred for a bit, then lay still. We ran out the door, screaming. I looked back but the skeleton wasn’t moving.
Then we heard a groan. We followed the groan and came to know that it was coming from the scarecrows. They were alive! Two of them got of their sticks and they dragged themselves towards us. The third one stood on its stick.

The two animated scarecrows were getting closer. We ran towards the main gate of the farm and out the open but then, we heard a neigh—a horse’s neigh. We didn’t need to know what that was. We knew that the horse statue had animated too.
I turned around and the saw the horse statue galloping jumping over us and landing on our other side, blocking the exit.

Shelby screamed as we both saw the third scarecrow rising off its stick. It raised a hand and the pitchfork that was on the roof of the house, rose up and flew towards the scarecrow. It grabbed the pitchfork and stumbled towards us.

The front door opened and the skeleton we encountered earlier walked out, axe in hand. Danger was closing in.
I looked at the sky and saw the sun starting to rise.

We closed our eyes and waited for danger to kill us. But nothing happened. We opened our eyes and the horse was gone. The scarecrows and the skeleton were gone too. I looked at the roof and saw the pitchfork back where it was. The horse and scarecrows were also back where they were before.
“What just happened?!” Shelby screamed.
I just suggested we get out of here. We ran out of the farm and back onto the path to town. I looked back and gasped when I saw that the farmhouse was gone.

It was just a plot of empty land now. Everything was gone.

Did I just imagine it?
Or was it truly a paranormal experience?

20 Years Earlier.......

“I need to get rid of this cursed medallion!” Shylock shouted, waving the medallion in the air.
“Wait!’ Buxar replied. “I see an empty plot of land! Let’s bury the medallion there!”
“Is it safe?” Shylock asked.
“The medallion would be buried deep underground. And its power is useless during the sun’s presence. I doubt it would do any harm.”
“Okay!” Shylock slowly agreed. “I’m going to bury it underground.”
“No one will come here during the night. It’s an empty plot of land. And like I said, the medallion’s power is useless during the day.
“What harm can the medallion do then?”


Axe, Buxar, Cursed, Farm, Farmhouse, Horse, Mark, Medallion, Midnight, Pitchfork, Plot Of Land, Scarecrow, Shelby, Shylock, Skeleton, Town, Uncle Ted

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author avatar La Verne
25th Aug 2010 (#)

nice story...keep it up!

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author avatar SiddiQ
25th Aug 2010 (#)

Thnx! Congrats! U were author of the day! :)

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author avatar christopheranton
16th Dec 2010 (#)

Good story. I think, however, you need to elaborate a bit on the second part,
to help solve the mystery.

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author avatar SiddiQ
16th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks for the tip! I'll look into

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