The Dancing Lady, Part Three

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'Well, mastermind, what do you make of this place?' Asked Alex.
'It's far too early to comment.'

The Dancing Lady, Part Three

'There is no staff here, only the three of us.'
'Then, where does all the food come from?'
'It is brought here by the ferry, as you were.' She smiled and led them to a table.
'Please wait here. I will bring the food.'
They watched Ena, as she left, then eased back and spoke openly.
'Well, mastermind, what do you make of this place?' Asked Alex.
'It's far too early to comment. But boy, I can't figure her out.'
'That's because she's had her eyes on me, since we set foot here.'
'No, it's not that. She just seems over-friendly, which I don't like. It's as if she's expecting us here all along.'
'Come on, It's not as if we weren't invited. This is our prize-win. Tomorrow morning, we can see 'The Dancing Lady' for real.'
'Why not tonight?' Quipped Mike. 'Maybe she looks better in the dark. Besides, we don't need Ena's permission to find her ourselves.'
'Now that's silly. This island's full of tall, large trees and they're all identical. What happens if we lose our way back?'
'I'm telling you, we won't!'
Alex had run out of words. He lifted the salt shaker from the table and flung some over his shoulder, for luck.

to be continued...


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